bioLogic releases Violin Ricochet (free samples)

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bioLogic Violin

bioLogic has released a free set of violin samples.

He writes:

Recorded with a Rode NT3 small diaphragm condenser about 6″ from the strings, fed to a Really Nice Preamp and into my M-Audio 2496.

Violin Ricochet features

  • 16 Samples, 6.3MB extracted.
  • 32bit, 44.1KHz.
  • 4 Strings: G, D, A, E stretched to fit.
  • 5 Alternate Strikes: for round robin playability.
  • 1 Velocity Layer: ricochet style (bow held several inches high, and dropped).

The sampleset includes HALion 3, sfz and wav and can downloaded here.


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