Bollywood Sounds releases Crystal Drums sample pack

Beatfactory Crystal Drums

Bollywood Sounds has announced Crystal Drums, a sample library featuring a collection of drum samples by Gaurav Dayal of Beatfactory.

A Solid collection of Kick Drums, Snare Drums, Claps (One-shot-samples) heard on todays latest EDM music.

Crafted to perfection to cut through your tracks, these drums are ready to take you music to the next level. Already Eq’ed, Compressed for PUNCH! We did the Hard Work so you can FLY!

Crystal Drums features

  • Total of 98 one shot samples (24 bit/44.1 khz)
    • 42 Kicks
    • 34 Snares
    • 22 Claps

The sample pack costs $15 USD.

More information: Bollywood Sounds / Crystal Drums


Bollywood Sounds releases Harmonium sample pack

Bollywood Sounds Harmonium

Bollywood Sounds has announced Harmonium, a sample library featuring a collection of 70+ harmonium loops.

Harmonium is a highly used music instrument in bollywood & bhangra styles from India, In fact it features on most regional music as a standard instrument. Being a reed instrument, it is also popular with indian vocalist’s as a guiding tool for singing melodies to keep in tune.

Bollywoodsounds is proud to bring you a huge variety of sounds consisting of over 70 loops in various styles and keys. We have also labelled the folders with the “Raaga” tag, to help understand the scales that were used.

The library is useful for traditional, ethnic as well as more modern chillout, house, dance, hiphop genres.

The sample library is available to purchase for $29 USD.

More information: Bollywood Sounds / Harmonium


Bollywood Sounds introduces Slumdog Bollywood Scores sample library

Bollywood Sounds Slumdog Bollywood Scores

Bollywood Sounds has announced the release of Slumdog Bollywood Scores, a soundtrack oriented construction kit library by Gaurav Dayal a.k.a. “G”, an award winning music producer hailing from New Delhi, India.

The Pack features full song kits inspired by the work of A.R. Rehman (Oscar Winner) & Nitin Sawney. The kits feature Indian instrument phrases combines with beats symphonic lines as well as ethnic percussion

“G” has produced beats,remixes for artists Like Wyclef Jon/Shakira , and has done music composition and major productions in Hollywood / Bollywood Blockbuster Movies (recently – Warner Brothers – Cinderella Story 3). G has previously produced Top-Selling Loop libraries like “Classic Bollywood”, Kings of Bhangra Vol1 & 2.

Slumdog Bollywood Scores features

  • 4 construction kits with 86 loops in Acid Wav, Apple Loops and REX formats.
  • One-shot drum samples are also included per kit.
  • All Loops are tagged with key & tempo information for easy use with your project.
  • All Loops are 24-bit 44.1Khz
  • Total size: 1.94GB (unzipped), 258 files.
  • Gear used: Apogee Converters, Neve 1073 Pre/EQ, EL Labs Distressors, El Labs Fatso, Thermionic Culture Rooster (Tube Pre/EQ), Eventide Eclipse.

The sample library is available to purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Bollywood Sounds / Slumdog Bollywood Scores


Bollywood Sounds launches with 6 sample libraries

Gaurav Dayall has launched Bollywood Sounds, offering a collection of royalty free Bhangra-Bollywood-Indian sounds and loops.

Bollywoodsounds has been setup by a production team led by Gaurav Dayall, a celebrated composer from the Indian Music Industry. In the music business for 14 years and has created BIG Platinum Hits for the Indian Music Industry.

Gaurav and his team have had massive success with their loop packs: “Classic Bollywood”, “Kings of Bhangra Vol1 & 2. These have been the largest selling world loop libraries and have been distributed worldwide by major distributors.

Bollywood Sounds

Bollywood Sounds sample libraries

  • Bhangra Nights – This Pack features the Hottest Bhangra Beats and Live Sounds for Chart Topping Productions. 5 Construction Kits in various tempo & styles give you lots of variety.
  • Bhangra Toolbox – This pack features phrases and loops of Bhangra/Punjabi Musical Instruments and Percussion in various keys & tempo. Perfect for creating your own Bhangra Hitz.
  • India Tradition – Featuring traditional Indian Musical phrases – instrument & percussion loops contruction kit style. Various Indian instruments, percussion are used here in various tempo and styles. True Indian Spices & Flavour to sizzle up your tracks.
  • IKKA Rap – Featuring Rap Acapellas by “IKKA” Desi RAP STAR from India, his songs “922 Anthem” & “Pink Vodka” have been chart toppers. Now you can get brand new RAP made exclusively for Bollywoodsounds.
  • India Voice – 2 unique voices (Male Solo Acapellas) 18 sets of multiple solo vocal phrases & loops, Alaaps and passages from folk style and sufi style songs, great for your World / Chillout/ Lounge as well as Ethnic styles of Tracks.
  • Gidda Voices – This pack features exciting, uplifting as well as haunting female group vocals from the best singers of Northern India. This pack is perfect for your Chillout/Lounge/Dance as well as Bhangra/Hiphop & Dance productions.

The sample libraries are available to purchase as a download, starting at $15 USD.

More information: Bollywood Sounds