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Detunized introduces Universal Formats

Detunized has announced it is now offering Universal Formats of its sound libraries.

This new category offers sound libraries in several open formats that are easily accessible by numerous audio workstations and software samplers like Reason, Dimension, Kontakt, Halion, Alchemy, Directwave and many others. Each release contains either pure WAV files or preprogrammed patches that comply with the standards of SFZ, SXT, NKI, FXP and EXS formats.

Detunized Universal Formats

Currently the following sound libraries are available in these formats:

  • DTG012 – Forstrasse No. 8 (wav) – Field Recodings
  • DTG027 – Just Water (wav) – Field Recodings
  • DTG029 – Infinite (wav) – Textures
  • DTG035 – City Traffic (wav) – Field Recodings
  • DTG037 – Chropolis (sfz, nki, sxt, exs, fxp) – Hybrid Synthesizers
  • DTG043 – Vox Populi 2 (sfz, nki, sxt, exs, fxp) – Analog Synthesizers
  • DTG045 – Polite 800 (sfz, nki, sxt, exs, fxp) – Hybrid Synthesizers
  • DTG047 – Computer Noises (wav) – Field Recodings

Universal Formats will be expanded weekly with further releases of analog and digital synthesizers, field recordings, pianos, textures, keys and more.

More information: Detunized / Universal Formats

Detunized releases Computer Noises sound library

Detunized Computer Noises

Detunized has launched Computer Noises, a sound library for Ableton Live and WAV.

Computer Noises is based on a wide palette of noises that computers emit when booting, reading from their CD-ROM drives or accessing a hard disk.

The library splits into 2 main categories – mono files and dual-channel files where those presets have a dedicated crossfade macro that blends from left to right passing the stereo stage.
The main categories are further organised in different sceneries like booting computers, blower fans, read/write access of floppies, CD-ROMs or hard drives.

Oddities like hum, buzz and all kinds of crosstalks where used for the creation of some spacey sound effects.

Computer Noises features

  • Ableton Live Pack.
  • Includes 69 instruments (69 samples), 105 MB content.
  • The full-length stems of each computer recorded for this Live Pack are available as separate WAV-file package
    • 104 samples, 24Bit/44.1kHz.
    • 10 to 100 seconds in length.
    • 1.1 GB content.

The Computer Noises pack is available to purchase in Live and Wav formats for 9 EUR each.

More information: Detunized

Detunized releases Gra.FX2 Live Pack + Live 9 compability announced

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Detunized Gra.FX2

Detunized has announced Gra.FX2, the second installment of a series of graphic generated sounds for Ableton Live.

This Live Pack delivers a surprising toolbox of 63 instruments for the creation of otherworldly, dissonant textures and drones. The sample pool of the instruments was created by parsing more than 100 bitmaps by a variety of specialized software tools.

Although Gra.FX2 covers an extensive range from SciFi-melodies to LoFi dust-noise patterns each single instrument follows an unified macro control layout. This allows for fast and intuitive interaction with external controllers like Push.

Gra.FX2 is available to purchase as a download for 9 EUR. As a special offer, Gra.FX2 and its predecessor Gra.FX are availabe as a bundle at an introductory price of 12 EUR. This offer is valid for a limited time only.

Detunized has also announced it has finished testing all previous releases with the forthcoming Live 9.

The final release of LIVE 9 will host all Detunized Live Packs without any restrictions. Release numbers DTS001 to DTS046 were installed and tested successfully. Throughout the entire testing routines no drawbacks had been detected.

More information: Detunized

Detunized releases Polite 800 Live Pack and Refill

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Detunized Polite 800

Detunized has announced the release of the Polite 800 Live Pack and Refill featuring the sounds of the Korg Poly 800.

„Polite 800“ introduces another famous eighties synthesizer: the Korg Poly 800, a classic hybrid synth that is equipped with digital controlled oscillators and a 24dB analog filter.

The Library contains 35 instruments which perfectly capture the spirit of this battery driven unit.
Both, the Live Pack and the Refill introduce a standardized control layout which is easy to familiarize with.

Nevertheless all controls and switches of the Live Racks and Refill Combinators are multi-connected to more than 20 parameters per instrument. So hot-swapping through the included Basses, Keys, Pads, Brasses and FX sounds is easy but invites for spontaneous in-depth tweaking at the same time.

Polite 800 is available to purchase for 9 EUR.

More information: Detunized

Detunized January Special: MAGNIFY! – Discounts on 10-Pack libraries for Ableton

Detunized Magnify!

Detunized has launched its January special Magnify!, an opportunity to save on 10-pack bundles for Ableton Live.

Big Discounts on all 10-Pack-Libraries – 44.00 instead of 69.00 Euros. Save 40% and zoom into your potential with hundreds of ever wanted sounds.

Lay the foundation of a versatile sound library that lets you dive into a world of Synthesizers, Soundscapes, Pianos, Strings, Organs and more.

January Special: MAGNIFY!

  • DTB101 – The 1st decade of Detunized Live Packs
    Punchy Bass, eternal Textures, the Greek Hades, Russian Synthesizers and Electroacustics, the Rhodes, Toy synths, Prepared Pianos and Organs for Music.
  • DTB102 – The 2nd decade of Detunized Live Packs
    Curetronic Modulars, Saxophones, Accordions, Organs, GDR-synths, Prepared Pianos plus Acousmatics.
  • DTB103 – The 3rd decade of Detunized Live Packs
    Oberheim Xpanders, Curetronic Modulars, a Harmonium, Phase Distortions, GDR-Stringer, early analog Synth, crazy Vocals, eternal Pads and Water.
  • DTB104 – The 4th decade of Detunized Live Packs
    A dream piano, rock solid Analog and Digitals, a hard-mangled Viola da Gamba, City Traffic plus Concrete Music sounds.

The offer ends on January 22nd, 2013.

More information: Detunized

Detunized releases Guitar sound pack for Ableton Live

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Detunized Guitar

Detunized has announced the release of its Guitar Abetlon Live Pack.

“Guitar” is the latest Live library made by Detunized´s lead sound designer Stephan Marche. The Live Pack contains the sounds of a stock acoustic guitar that was fitted with 3 steel and 3 nylon strings.

Each of the 6 strings was recorded chromatically in two passes – thumb and plectrum. The sounds were captured with a contact and a condenser microphone into dual-mono files.
These files are phase-aligned and thus the sound of the two microphones can be blended seamlessly by a dedicated macro control that comes pre-mapped in each rack.
Besides the main sounds a variety of more than 50 side noises like string scrapes and squeaks were recorded. With these additional sounds a nice amount of realism can be dialed in to the instruments.

“Guitar” contains 2 guitars and 3 bass presets plus a drum machine that is built around the side-noises and body hits. Additionally some interesting adaptions from the original sounds are included. These adaptions extend the library with flexible pad and soundscape generators.

The Guitar Live Pack is available to purchase for 9 EUR.

More information: Detunized / Guitar

Detunized introduces All Digitalis for Ableton Live

Detunized All Digitalis

Detunized has announced the release of the All Digitals sound library library for Ableton Live.

All Digitals represents the sound of digital synth classics from the past decades. Detunized´s lead sound designer Stephan Marche picked out the best presets from his releases “Casiopeia”, “Binaries”, “Phase Facets”, “fTable”, “Composite Keys” and “4op” – a palette of Live Packs that feature such gear like a TX81z, a WSA-1, a Rapman, an OPL-3 FM chip and both of the famous Hohner sampler/synth devices.

All Digitals is built around a 3.1 Gig sample pool that consists of nearly 5000 samples. Each of the 222 included Live Racks has fine-tuned Macro controls and is ready to play right out of the box.

The All Digitals pack is currently available for an introductory price of 15 EUR (regular price 39 EUR).

More information: Detunized / All Digitals

Detunized releases Vox Populi 2 Live Pack for Ableton

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Detunized Vox Populi 2

Detunized has announced its Vox Populi 2 Live Pack, the second installment of a series of exciting sounds from the Russian Polivoks synthesizer.

The Pack contains a comprehensive collection of genuine analog synth sounds that feature the rough and crude character of this crown of Soviet synthesizer egineering.

Made of nearly 650 samples Vox Populi 2 forms a colorfull sound palette of 46 presets that are encapsulated into Live´s Rack architecture.

Be it the “Bolschoi Synth”, the “Tupolew Pad”, the “Vox Populi Piano” or even one of the included Drum Synths – each single Rack follows a standardized Macro Control layout that makes it easy to instantly familiarize with the sonic possibilities of this Live Pack.

Vox Populi 2 features

  • 46 instruments, 644 samples (24bit/44.1kHz).
  • 260 MB content.
  • Format: Ableton Live Pack (PC/Mac, Live 8.3).

Vox Populi 2 is available to purchase for 9 EUR.

More information: Detunized / Vox Populi 2