C. Hackl releases Stereo Steinway Piano II, PlatinumX, DrumTable and TMP-Sounder

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C. Hackl DrumTable

C. Hackl has released four new VST instruments for Windows.

New VST instruments

  • Stereo Steinway Piano II, a rompler plug-in featuring 96Khz/24bit samples of a Steinway piano (improved CPU since v1). Cost: ~$15 USD.
  • PlatinumX, a synth with 3 wavemixer, 2 Osc, reverb, voice settings, portamento and MIDI CC knobs. Cost: ~$25 USD.
  • DrumTable, a simple wave sample drum with a distortion effect and preset manager. Freeware.
  • TMP-Sounder, synth that works with a TMP-array function. You can select the quality of the Array performance to minimize CPU usuage. Freeware.

Visit C. Hackl for more information.


DJ GIGAwatt releases DrumBoxLM

DJ GIGAwatt DrumBoxLM

DJ GIGAwatt releases DrumBoxLM, a freeware drum sample player VST instrument for Windows PC.

DrumBoxLM features

  • 12 TriggerPad-Drums.
  • Distortion, Pan, Volume, WavePitch for each pad.
  • Easy Preset management.
  • 150 *.wav Drum-sample library.
  • 4 presets included.
  • Effects: Reverb, Filter.

Visit DJ GIGAwatt for more information and a link to download DrumBoxLM.


DJ GIGAwatt releases Future VSTi

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DJ GIGAwatt Future

DJ GIGAwatt has released Future, a freeware synth plug-in for Windows PC.

Future features

  • 2x HighPowerOSC.
  • Super effect with ADSR.
  • 30 Presets.
  • Presetgenerator.
  • Midi-Automation on knobs.
  • Filter & Reverb effect.

Visit DJ GIGAwatt for more information and a link to download Future.


DJ GIGAwatt releases Matrix and DrumBoxXE

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DJ GIGAwatt Matrix

DJ GIGAwatt (C. Hackl) has released two new freeware VST instrument plug-ins created with SynthMaker: Matrix and DrumBoxXE.

Matrix is a synth which creates a matrix for each OSC, ADSR, or LFO. The routing section allows you to link these matrixes in order to create sounds.
Modulation options are available for the OSC frequency and audio stream, the ADSR output value, etc.

DrumBoxXE is a simple 12 pad trigger drum sample player that comes with 149 drum samples and one ready Techno preset.

Both plug-ins are available for Windows PC only.

Visit DJ GIGAwatt for more information and links to download Matrix and DrumBoxXE.


DJ GIGAwatt releases Steinway, Church Organ and DrumBoxII

DJ GIGAwatt Steinway

DJ GIGAwatt has released three freeware VST instruments for Windows: Steinway, Church Organ and DrumBoxII.

Both the Church Organ and Steinway instruments feature 96Khz 24Bit samples of real instruments.

DrumBoxII is a 24 Trigger-Pad Drum with 149 integrated wave samples assignable to each pad.

Visit DJ GIGAwatt for more information and links to download these freeware VST instruments.


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