DJ GIGAwatt GrooveBoxI

DJ GIGAwatt has released GrooveBoxI, a freeware synth VST plug-in created with SynthMaker.

GrooveBoxI features

  • HighPowerOSC: 6 Wavetables, Super Effect for unison Detune.
  • Swich Area: Gate Sequencer (32 MIDI-Step-Sequencer), Analyse (Normal Stereo Scope), Custom Wave (create your own waves with basic waveshapes), Midi Settings (9 extra knobs for tuning the VST).
  • Effects: Reverb, Filter with ADSR and LFO.
  • Midi Learn at knobs: Assign MIDI CC by right mouse clicking on controls.
  • Preset Manager including 30 presets.

Note: GrooveBoxI has a serial number protection, but you can create one for free by using a keymaker.

Visit DJ GIGAwatt for more information.