Loopmasters releases Static Sounds Vol 1: Broken Electronica Loops & Pads by Eat Static

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Eat Static Broken Electronica Loops & Pads

Loopmasters has launched Static Sounds Vol 1: Broken Electronica Loops & Pads, a sample library by Eat Static, featuring a truly original and sonically complex sample collection that comes loaded with inspiring ear candy for producers worldwide.

Static Sounds Vol1 has been created and recorded by Merv Pepler @ Lab UFO in deepest darkest Wiltshire UK, this Eat Static production sees Merv taking time out from his busy Eat Static summer schedule to get down and dirty in the murky swamplands of sound design and go back to what he loves best, editing involved synth soundscapes, creating new Alienesque noises to challenge the ears of anyone brave enough to listen.

For this project Merv has dragged out his favorite vintage hardware and used some of the best modern software to date for this project to bring you a Lively collection of, Noisy, Crackly, Broken Electronica ear candy that can be used in any form of electronic music including Ambient, Techno, House, Drum & Bass, Dubstep and should be considered a must have for all producers worldwide.

“Daring to go where most Chill Out producers won’t go has always been a ‘Static’ trait which has always given Eat Static a unique sound, ugly meets beautiful, yin meets yang and this theme continues throughout this collection of sounds I have created for Loopmasters, try dropping these Loops and Textures into your creations to add something special to your compositions. These textures were written to inspire tracks ideas or just to get you to travel paths you might not have thought of already. So experiment with these sounds and follow my simple rule, if it ain’t ‘Broken’, it should be!”

Within this incredible sonic tool belt producers should expect to find Experimental Rhythms, Futuristic Soundscapes, Glitched-Out Sequences, Bit Crunched Textures, Mesmerizing Pads and Multi Layered Sound FX.

The sample library costs £24.95 GBP. Individual parts are also sold separately.

More information: Loopmasters / Broken Electronica Loops & Pads


Laptoprockers announces Eat Static Remix Contest

Laptoprockers Eat Static Remix Contest

Laptoprockers has announced a Remix Contest with Psytrance pioneers Eat Static.

Featuring a drum & bass track, a rock ballad and a synth-pop song in previous remix contests, this time Laptoprockers have joined forces with pioneers of psytrance ‘Eat Static’ to offer remixers two great tracks to play around with. ‘Sin Quest’ is an upbeat dance track with a classic psytrance feel, while ‘Up Periscope’ explores the more downtempo psychedelic avenues. The tracks are off Eat Static’s two most recent albums, De-Classified and Back To Earth.

“Both tracks unmistakeably carry Eat Static’s signature sound and make up for great remix material,” Laptoprockers said. “And as it is the first time Eat Static source material is available from the Internet in a remix contest, this unique opportunity caters for something extra. We’ll have winners for each remix track, and the best overall remix will get a very special bonus.”

As on earlier occasions, Laptoprockers offer a generous prize pool for this remix contest. LinPlug donated six of their best plug-in synthesizers for you to win! “Three prizes for each remix track is only adequate,” LinPlug commented on their contribution, “so each track will have three separate winners.” Prizes include LinPlug’s all in one drum solution RMV, their sample mangling plug-in ChronoX, and FM Synth Octopus and represent over $900 total value.

But there’s more at stake! The icing on the cake comes with a bonus for the best remixer overall. “We definitely will be able to release the best remix,” Eat Static’s Merv Pepler revealed, “we have several options in the coming months for that.” Need say more?

The contest deadline is January 02, 2010.

More information: Laptoprockers / Eat Static Remix Contest


Sample Magic releases Around the World in 80 Raves and Minimal & Tech-House

Sample Magic has released two new sample libraries: Minimal & Tech-House and Around the World in 80 Raves.

Sample Magic Around the World in 80 Raves

Around the World in 80 Raves

For the first time ever, techno pioneers Eat Static open their sample vaults for a futuristic journey into world dance. Classic analogue synths and drum machines blend with live percussion, guitars and ethnic instrumentals in a nu-world tour de force, featuring 900MB+ 24-bit loops and samples inspired by genres as diverse as trance, latin, drum’n’bass, dub, house and reggae.


  • Drums – Bangin’ psy-trance, slammin’ drum&bass, lo-fi breaks and crusty house loops, with tempo groups ranging from 90 through 125 and 144 to 160bpm.
  • Percussion – Sparklingly detailed percussion ensembles featuring big-room brazilian, cuban, arabic and african workouts.
  • Synths – Pulsing riffs, ravey stabs, filtered runs and acid arpeggios – all 100% analogue, and all made using Eat Static’s extensive vintage synth collection.
  • Nu-world instrumentals – Effected guitars, twisted vocals and deep organic basslines – all key-labelled for your convenience.
  • Soundscapes – Lush textures and spacey other-wordly pads.
  • Drum hits & fx – A choice selection of kicks, snares, hats, drops, hits, swoops and more – tried and tested live speaker-freakers from the Eat Static library.
Sample Magic Minimal & Tech-House

Minimal & Tech-House

With over 800Mb of the most upfront sounds, Minimal & Tech-House features countless speaker-freakin’ drum loops, throbbing basslines, esoteric synth loops, squelchy fx and hits guaranteed to cause a stir on any floor.


  • Drums – 100s of deep and chunky bigroom beats at 125, 127 and 130bpm – all primed for dancefloor destruction.
  • Bass – Warm and wobbly, slick and bubbly – a bumper selection of low-end melters, pumped and tweaked to cause major stylus trouble.
  • Kick-free loops – From twisted textures to eclectic effectors, masses of pared-down tops to inspire your groove.
  • Music loops – A choice selection of cone-melting combos – ready-mixed drum and bass loops to jump-start your creativity.
  • Synths – Gltchy runs and slinky riffs from our extensive analogue synthesiser collection – all key-labelled for your convenience.
  • Hits – Masses of kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, squelches and glitches to custom-build your beats.
  • FX – A vast array of sweeps, swoops, rises and whooshes.
  • Much more – Pads, warped vocals and atmospherics, plus our unique production tips.

Both libraries are available as a CD/DVD multipack set with over 2000 files (Includes audio CD, 1,000 wav files (800+/900+MB), 600+ Rex files, 600+ Apple Loops, Reason NN-XT, Halion, Kontakt and EXS24 programs).

Minimal & Techo-House and Around the World in 80 Raves will ship on 10 December but can already be pre-ordered for £59.95 GBP each (free worldwide shipping).

Visit Sample Magic for more information and audio demos.