SIR Audio Tools updates StandardEQ to v1.1

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SIR Audio Tools has released version 1.1 of StandardEQ, a high precision equalizer effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

SIR Audio Tools StandardEQ

StandardEQ offers various filter-characteristics and a high definition spectrum-analyzer. Every filter can work in left/right/mid/side mode or can process channels individually. The intelligent peak detection feature helps you to easily identify resonant frequencies.

Changes in StandardEQ v1.1

  • Adjustable slope in the analyzer.
  • Snap to frequency-peaks while dragging the knobs with shift.
  • New advanced appearance options.

StandardEQ for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for purchase for 99 EUR/$129 USD (incl. VAT if applicable).

More information: SIR Audio Tools / StandardEQ


KuSh Audio releases Electra DSP equalizer plugin

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KuSh Audio Electra DSP

KuSh Audio has launched Electra DSP, a transient equalizer effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

The Electra DSP is arguably the punchiest, tightest, most vibey eq to ever be found in digital form. Meticulously modeled by UBK himself, this plugin is as close as it gets to the critically acclaimed and incredibly popular hardware of the same name.

The midrange filters automatically adjust their bandwidth as you vary the gain, and have an uncanny ability to find magical ‘pockets of soul’ inside the music and draw them forward, effortlessly. This eq’s low end is absurdly tight and hits hard, your kicks and and bass will come alive. The high shelf is electric and sparkling, and will wake up the sleepiest vocal or mix. And if you thought all high-pass filters were the same (and boring), wait until you hear this one’s smooth magic.

Only Kush could do justice to their own hardware, and much like the Clariphonic before, they’ve done it again.

Electra DSP for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $149 USD.

More information: KuSh Audio / Electra DSP


Plugin Boutique launches sale on Lindell Audio plugins

Plugin Boutique has announced a limited time sale on Lindell Audio, offering a 30% discount on its preamp, equalizer, compressor, and channel strip plug-ins.

30% off Lindell Audio

Lindell Audio features

  • 6X-500 class A preamp + versatile filters — The Six X Five Hundred is a mono/stereo channel transformer coupled Preamplifier and Passive 2 Band Equalizer. The Preamp is an all discrete design based upon our hybrid amplifier.
  • 7X-500 FET feedback compressor — The Seven X Five Hundred is a mono/stereo channel compressor/limiter. It’s a FET (field effect transistor) design that incorporate some new and exclusive features such as “High Pass Sidechain Filter”, “Mix Knob” mix between dry and wet signal (parallel compression).
  • PEX-500 passive Pultec style EQ — The PEX Five Hundred is a mono/stereo channel transformer coupled Passive Pultec Equalizer. It’s an all discrete design based upon our hybrid amplifier.
  • ChannelX channel strip — The Channel X bundle contains the 3 plugins: The 6X-500 preamp/filters plugin, 7X-500 FET compressor and PEX-500 passive EQ plugin.

The Lindell Audio plugins for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) are available from Plugin Boutique at a 30% discount until February 26th, 2015.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Lindell Audio


FabFilter releases bug-fix update for FabFilter Pro-MB and Pro-Q 2

FabFilter has released a bug-fix update for its Pro-MB and Pro-Q 2 effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

FabFilter Pro-MB

The update fixes various bugs and small visual issues that surfaced since the December 2014 update that introduced Retina support and added numerous FabFilter Pro-MB features. FabFilter recommends all customers to update to these latest versions.

Changes in FabFilter Pro-MB 1.11 / FabFilter Pro-Q 2.03

  • Fixed a bug that caused knobs and sliders to respond incorrectly to subtle mouse movements while dragging on OS X and on High DPI displays on Windows.
  • Pro-MB: Renamed the existing interface size options to Medium and Extra Large, and added a new intermediate Large option that will fit comfortably on 1920×1080 monitors on OS X.
  • Pro-MB: Fixed a bug when deleting a muted band in Dynamic Phase mode: the mute effect would remain audible after deleting the band.
  • Pro-MB: Fixed display behavior when zoomed in horizontally: display curves and dragging would not work correctly for bands docked at the left or right edges of the frequency scale.
  • Pro-MB: Fixed sidechain filtering control behavior when zoomed in horizontally in the display.
  • Pro-MB: Fixed possibly incorrect gain change reporting for bands that use compression in combination with a Stereo Link setting below 100%.
  • Pro-Q 2: Fixed a bug in the VST 2 plugin (introduced in Pro-Q 2.02) that caused the Auto Gain setting to always be set to Off when loading sessions saved with Pro-Q 2.01.
  • Various small visual fixes and improvements.

The updates are fully compatible with previous versions, and free for existing FabFilter Pro-MB and Pro-Q 2 owners. The latest versions and 30-day trials of all FabFilter plug-ins are available for download now.

FabFilter Pro-Q 2 is available for EUR 149, USD 179 or GBP 114, and FabFilter Pro-MB is available for EUR 169, USD 199 or GBP 129, supporting both Windows and Mac OS X in VST and VST 3, Audio Units, AAX, RTAS and AudioSuite plug-in formats. Bundles with FabFilter Pro-Q 2, Pro-MB and other FabFilter plug-ins are also available.

More information: FabFilter


OverTone DSP releases 500-Series XL Plug-in Bundle

Overtone DSP 500-Series XL

OverTone DSP has announced the release of the 500-Series XL plug-in bundle, comprising EQ, dynamics and reverb plug-ins for Windows, Mac & Linux.

The RVB500 provides a stereo plate reverb capable of a rich variety of effects, with intuitive controls and low demands on CPU and system resources.

The DYN500 provides soft-knee compression, and a gentle ‘tape saturation’ style overdrive when driven at high levels.

The EQ500 provides a versatile three band parametric EQ, using Analogue Filter Modelling algorithms to accurately replicate a natural sounding analogue filter response without requiring high sample rates or CPU intensive upsampling, allowing more plugin instances in a typical DAW.

The DYN4000 emulates the world-famous SSL G-series channel dynamics, providing versatile compressor and expander / gate sections with variable hysterisis, switchable fast attack and hard / soft knee options.

All plugins are capable of mono or stereo operation, providing professional console grade processing while being economical with CPU and system resources.

The bundle is available for purchase at an introductory discount of 25% until March 1st, 2015 (£45 GBP).

More information: Overtone DSP / 500-Series XL


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