Cakewalk intros ProChannel support for +10db David Bendeth Signature Series Compressor

Cakewalk has announced ProChannel support for the +10db David Bendeth Signature Series Compressor plug-in from Boz Digital Labs.

+10db David Bendeth Signature Series Compressor

The +10db Compressor Plug-in, the brainchild of producer David Bendeth (Paramore, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Of Mice & Men, A Day to Remember) and audio plug-in designer Boz Digital Labs, is a channel strip plugin meticulously modeled after one of the industries most iconic hardware compressors.

This rare analogue unit has never before been designed into a plug-in. Along with harnessing the sonic feel of this unique piece, the +10db also comes with 10 presets that were created by Bendeth, allowing users’ drum and vocal tracks to benefit from his years of experience in the studio.

SONAR’s ProChannel was a feature that was introduced in SONAR X1 Producer, and has continued to evolve. This analog-style channel strip offers SONAR customers the ability to create their own mixer architecture, with customizable mixer channel strips. Accessible on every track and bus inside of SONAR, musicians can get that epic, vintage sound of classic records from the past 25 years.

“Both Boz and I are excited about the prospect of working with Cakewalk and supporting SONAR, ” says Bendeth. “They have such a great long history in the world of computer-based recording. We are also very proud of the +10db compressor and look forward to future collaborations with Cakewalk in the coming years.”

The +10db Compressor includes three separate plugins: +10db Compressor, +10db Equaliser and +10db Channel Strip. The Compressor and Equaliser will be available as ProChannel modules and all plugins will also be available as AU, VST3, AAX, and RTAS on Mac and Windows-based digital audio workstations.

The plug-ins will be available at the Cakewalk Store starting late January, 2015.

More information: Cakewalk


Focusrite intros Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite

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Focusrite has announced the release of the Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite, a bundle compresing equalizer and compressor effect plug-ins, that come bundled with all Focusrite Scarlett, Saffire, Forte, and Clarett audio interfaces.

Focusrite Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite

The new plug-ins are accurate models of Focusrite’s classic Red 2 equalizer and Red 3 compressor hardware. Coveted by producers and engineers for their exceptional clarity and versatility, the original units are prized fixtures in professional recording studios the world over. Now, the Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite lets you exploit the famous natural sound of the originals, conveniently from within your audio software.

The plug-ins faithfully reproduce the sonic qualities of the hardware, allowing you to get detailed tonal control of your mix. The Red 2 EQ is a sweet sounding 6-band design, with high/low pass filters, high/low frequency shelves, and fully parametric low-mid, and high-mid frequency bands. The Red 3 compressor is a VCA compressor design, excellent for natural sounding dynamic control of drums, bass, vocals, and acoustic instruments.

The bundle is available for purchase for $299 USD. Registered Scarlett, Saffire, and Forte customers can download the new plug-ins for free, adding to their Focusrite software bundles.

More information: Focusrite / Red 2 & Red 3 Plug-in Suite


Plugin Boutique launches Photosounder with 30% off

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Plugin Boutique has announced it is celebrating the introduction of new partner Photosounder with a 30% discount on the Photosounder image-based synthesizer and the SplineEQ linear phase equalizer plug-in.

Photosounder sale at Plugin Boutique

Every sound you’ve ever heard can be represented as an image and all possible sounds can be made from an image. Only Photosounder truly allows you to transform any sound as an image and to create any possible sound from an image.

SplineEQ is a linear phase equalizer plugin. Designed to be simple and flexible, SplineEQ allows you to create filters using Bézier splines, the best known way to design curves.

Both plug-ins are available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) at a 30% discount until February 5th, 2015.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Photosounder


Terry West releases MHorse P3 MKII free mastering plugin

Terry West has announced the release of MHorse P3 MKII, a free parallel mastering effect plug-in for Windows.

Terry West MHorse P3 MKII

What’s new? Well the most important would be the new great DeHarsh module. It also has options to switch it to M/S processing.

Next week you can expect a DeHarsh only plugin version. Next is the Low and High Exciters with each their own tune settings. New Vu meters with lightsoff animations :)

MHorse P3 MKII features

  • Full Bypass.
  • EQ Bypass.
  • In/Output -3dB option.
  • 3 parallel parametric (serial) equalizers.
  • 6 Q bandwidth settings per band.
  • 4 freq. for low, mid, high.
  • Boost/cut option per band.
  • Peak/LoShelf – Peak/HiShelf.
  • Loudness boost filter.
  • Combined Par/Ser EQ option (post ser).
  • Special filters: Mellow, Punch, Body and Shine (39K) modes.
  • MS Parallel Clarity processor.
  • NY Parallel Compressor.
  • NY Solo, link/unlink channels, Motown & Aural enhancer.
  • 3 bands Parallel Tape Saturator.
  • DC remover.
  • MS Parallel Stereo Widener without loss off center (3 modes).
  • CrossTalk emulator (2 modes: Vintage, Modern).
  • Low / High Exciters.
  • Unique Deharsh processor with Stereo/Mid/Side modes.
  • Old style VU meters (-60dB~+6dB).
  • VU lights on/off animation.
  • Pan peak/correlation and Source material detector meters.
  • Input/output 3-color peak leds.
  • 3-color i/o headroom leds for low, mid, high.
  • Effects energy/compress meters.
  • Parallel/Serial switch.
  • Tooltips.

The plug-in is available as a free download for Windows (VST).

More information: Terry West / MHorse P3 MKII


Altona releases Tilt&Shelf EQ plugin

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Altona has released Tilt&Shelf, a minimum-phase equalizer effect plug-in for Windows and Mac, featuring continuously-variable slope and maximally-flat group delay.

Altona Tilt&Shelf

Tilt&Shelf was designed to allow tilt responses with a variable slope across the entire frequency spectrum. Two controls allow the slope to be freely adjusted from -12dB/oct to +12dB/oct. In addition, the same two controls can be used to add low/high-frequency shelves at any gain from -20dB to +20dB.

Tilt&Shelf was designed specifically to have a maximally-flat group delay, resulting in minimal pulse distortion. In addition, the group delay is maximally flat at any equalizer setting, independent of gain, frequency and slope.

The plug-in is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU), priced at $39 USD.

More information: Altona / Tilt&Shelf


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