Driven Machine Drums 3

Francesco Silvestri


Francesco Silvestri has released Muz3um for Z3TA+ 2, an updated version of the soundset for Cakewalk's Z3TA+ software synthesizer. Muz3um, a free bank released in 2004 for z3ta+ featuring waveforms...


Cakewalk has announced Z3TA+ 2, the Second Generation Waveshaping synthesizer featuring improved sound design, real-time expression, and sound quality. Z3TA+ is highly revered as a classic synthesizer with unique character...


fisound has announced the release of Universal 120 v2.0, a soundset for the Rapture virtual synthesizer instrument by Cakewalk. Universal 120 v2.0 includes 340 new Rapture programs (584 total), and...

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