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Francis Prève releases Mattel Synsonics Kit for Ableton

Francis Prève has released a free Mattel Synsonics Kit sound library for Ableton Live.

Synsonics for Ableton by Francis Prève
Synsonics for Ableton

Unlike the more insectile sounds coming from the Roland and Korg boxes of the same era, the sound of the Synsonics was vaguely reminiscent of the Simmons SDS-V or Pollard Syndrum. The toms had an aggressive vibe that few products from that time could match – and the cymbals were glorious blasts of white noise.

About a month ago, I pulled my Synsonics of its shelf in my studio, fired it up and started sampling. The results are in this Live 7 compatible Drum Rack. Hope you dig it.

The Mattel Synsonics Kit for Ableton is available to download at no cost.

More information: Francis Prève / Mattel Synsonics Kit


CDM Free Exclusive Ableton Operator Download: “Less Cowbell” 808 Sounds

Ableton Operator (Create Digital Music)

Create Digital Music has released Less Cowbell, a free patch for Ableton Operator by Francis Preve.

Peter Kirn writes:

The simple interface of Ableton’s Operator belies some truly lovely soundmaking capabilities. Our friend Francis Preve, a principle Ableton sound designer who has contributed hundreds of presets since 2004, has a new single out that makes use of some of those sonic possibilities, combining Operator with juicy spectral and granular effects in Live 7. As a gift to Ableton users on CDM, he’s giving us both the rack he used and some tips on squeezing noise out of the Ableton instrument.

You will need a copy of Operator (or demo version) to use this patch.

Visit Create Digital Music for more on Francis Preve and his Hasown / Less Cowbell EP.