Ableton Operator (Create Digital Music)

Create Digital Music has released Less Cowbell, a free patch for Ableton Operator by Francis Preve.

Peter Kirn writes:

The simple interface of Ableton’s Operator belies some truly lovely soundmaking capabilities. Our friend Francis Preve, a principle Ableton sound designer who has contributed hundreds of presets since 2004, has a new single out that makes use of some of those sonic possibilities, combining Operator with juicy spectral and granular effects in Live 7. As a gift to Ableton users on CDM, he’s giving us both the rack he used and some tips on squeezing noise out of the Ableton instrument.

You will need a copy of Operator (or demo version) to use this patch.

Visit Create Digital Music for more on Francis Preve and his Hasown / Less Cowbell EP.