Puremagnetik has released two free packs in the new Artist Kits series: The Vacationist and Manxome Chemtrails.

Gregory Shiff
The Vacationist (by Gregory Shiff) includes 10 electronic percussion kits and a sophisticated collection of expertly programmed Live Clips.

In 2007, Gregory Shiff founded The Vacationist, a label based on large scale projects and themes, but he has spent the majority of his existence seeking sonic satisfaction. With a particular affinity for knobs, buttons, and heavy objects, Gregory has a way of making waves do strange things. To that end, he has released on a wide variety of electronic focused labels and rocked dance-floors around the globe.

Elijah B Torn
The Manxome Chemtrails pack (by Elijah B Torn) includes 3 circuit bending, glitching and sonically scientific signature kits.

A sonic-vigilante, boombastic bass-blipping, live-looping, hand-wired light show-providing and an electronic sonic assault. He is frequently spotted riding the NYC public transportation with a midi-controlled dinosaur or dumpster diving for RAM. He also loves your new haircut.

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