GForce announces Oddity 2 synth plugin + Pre-order

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GForce Software has announced Oddity2, a synthesizer instrument modelled on the legendary ARP Odyssey, manufactured between 1972 and 1981.

GForce Oddity2

Sporting a new livery based on the final revision Odyssey, Oddity2 takes the character and operational architecture of the original and, via a wave of enhancements, transports the spirit of the original into a new dimension.

While the duophonic and monophonic modes have been retained, Oddity2 now also offers a monophonic legato mode which wasn’t evident on the Odyssey, plus a Polyphonic Mode. Now finally it’s possible to stop wondering what the Odyssey’s classic tones would sound like within the context of chord based structures, and put it into practice. Everything from spiky and resonant textures to lush and warm pads sounds can either be programmed from Oddity2’s intuitive controls or simply dialled up via the accompanying presets.

Furthermore, via three filter modes and an additional oscillator, Oddity2 can sound as versatile and punchy as its main rival back in the day.

Oddity2 doesn’t stop there either, in order to overcome the original instrument’s limitation of a single LFO, they’ve also added the ability to apply an additional LFO and ADSR to almost any of the main Oddity2 sliders, which gives the instrument almost unrivalled versatility and depth when it comes to sound design options.

Additional improvements over its predecessor include an on-board delay, spread or random pan modes, patch morphing via beats or seconds, program change recognition and implementation of the two octave transpose switch for dynamic real-time performances.

Oddity2 will be released on December 1st, 2014. Until that date, a pre-order is available for £99 GBP. Registered Oddity users can upgrade for £49 GBP. Prices incl. VAT.

More information: GForce / Oddity2


Ohm Force announces 50% off on Minimonsta at GForce

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Ohm Force has announced that the Minimonsta synthesizer instrument by GForce Software is 50% off for a limited time.

GForce Minimonsta

As you may already know the Ohm & G Forces occasionnaly team up to deliver unique emulations of cult classic analog instruments. Minimonsta is the perfect illustration of this: all the care and expertise from the GForce’s chaps driving the project while we ohmies brought code and some typicall Ohm features.

If you ever wished an ultra faithful Model – D emulation with ADSR / LFO / Midi mod curve per parameter and Melohman preset morphing octave ala Symtpohm / Ohmicide packed with a few presets (6000), this is your day. As with most of our plugins we’re glad to say that this one had both press and VIP support.

Exceptionnally priced 50% off at £69.99 inc VAT ($95.00/€85 approx,) the offer runs for a strictly limited period from Tuesday 8th April until Tuesday 15th April, 2014.

More information: GForce Software / Minimonsta


GForce releases Virtual String Machine Expansion Pack

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GForce VSM Expansion Pack

GForce Software has announced the release of the Virtual String Machine (VSM) Expansion Pack for its VSM instrument for Windows and Mac.

Containing 18 new instruments, 60 sample sets, including the iconic GX-1, Polymoog Vox Humana & ARP Quadra and over 400 new patches, the VSM Expansion Pack offers fresh inspiration by extending the range of tones now available to registered VSM owners.

VSM Expansion Pack features

  • 18 classic and rare string machines.
  • 60 individual sample sets.
  • 400+ Patch library.
  • 49 notes, each individually sampled and looped.
  • Layer Expansion sounds with the original library.
  • Over 2.5GB of data.
  • Alternative GUI.

The Expansion Pack is available to purchase for the introductory price of £49.99 GBP inc VAT until January 31st, 2014.

More information: GForce / VSM Expansion Pack


iZotope offers Iris Synths sound library & Iris Cookbook

Iris Synths

iZotope has announced that the Iris Synths sound library is available to download at no cost.

Deep within the four gigabytes of the Iris Sound Library, there lies a treasure trove of samples from vintage and extremely rare synths.

Lovingly recorded by our friends at GForce software, these samples include the sounds of legendary favorites like the ARP 2500, EMS VCS3, the Korg PS3100, the Yamaha CS-80, and the Logan String Melody. Our Synths sound library brings these beloved synths into the spotlight, mixing and matching their harmonics to create a broad array of “hybrid” instruments that reimagine your synth possibilities.

The result? Highly musical synth patches for Iris that are ready to roll into your next song…for free!

Iris Cookbook

iZotope has also announced the Iris Cookbook, a free digital book featuring different recipes designed to help you explore some of the musical possibilities Iris has to offer, from spectral selections to special effects.

Want to create that iconic Phat Bass sound? Achieve the perfect Classic Wobble?

This cookbook will help you add flavor to your Drum, Bass, Guitar tracks and even more using Iris.

Download the free Iris Cookbook and the follow-along Iris Cookbook presets.

More information: iZotope / Iris


GForce releases 32/64-bit versions of Minimonsta & Oddity

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GForce Oddity & Minimonsta

GForce Software has announced the release of 64-bit versions of its Minimonsta and Oddity virtual synthesizer instruments for Windows and Mac.

We’re pleased to announce that 32/64-bit versions of Minimonsta and Oddity are finally released and now sit proudly alongside the previously launched 32/64-bit impOSCar2, VSM and M-Tron Pro.

Registered users of these instruments will find the new versions already allocated to their user accounts, while any new purchasers will have the 32/64-bit versions automatically allocated to their account following purchase.

Demo versions of Minimonsta, Oddity & impOSCar2 have also been updated accordingly and can be downloaded via their respective instrument sections.

Thank you for your patience during the lengthy 64-bit development process and last, but certainly not least, to those who helped us during this epic development task!

More information: GForce Software


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