GForce Software has released updates to its Oberheim series of synths.

Version 1.5 of Oberheim SEM and version 2.5 of Oberheim OB-E feature a new preset browser offering custom tags, search, and favorites, along with advanced collection and file management systems. A new free preset collection from Plughugger contains 32 presets tagged and ready for import into the new preset browser.

Here at GForce, we’ve painstakingly emulated every section of the Oberheim OB-E and Oberheim SEM to ensure sonic authenticity, right down to the analog inaccuracies of the original hardware instruments thus blurring the lines between analog character and digital precision. Every functional addition to these instruments was chosen to compliment the existing feature set and, very specifically, because it enhanced the sonic and musical qualities of the originals.

In the decades following the release of this now iconic synth, the Oberheim SEM has been used by countless legendary musicians, making the Oberheim SEM one of the most revered synthesizers of all time.

Available in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, Oberheim SEM and Oberheim OB-E are on sale at up to 40% off, priced $39.99 USD and $119.99 USD, respectively. The Oberheim Bundle including both is $149.99 USD during the promotion.

The offer is available at ADSR Sounds and from the GForce store until April 1st, 2023.