Online Maps: 50+ Tools and Resources

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Mashable has collected a bunch of Tools and Resources for Online Maps. So if you need to get somewhere, there’s plenty of choice.

Click2Map – build your Google Maps

From the article:

Mapping is a huge and growing sector, from social maps for sharing with friends, to mashing up Google Maps in every possible way. Trawling through all the mapping sites out there, we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting online mapping tools that some are referring to as “Maps 2.0″.

The list includes:

  • Customizable and Collaborative Maps
  • Transit Mapping
  • Subject Specific Mapping
  • Popular Mapping Services

Nice to see Worldmapper in the popular mapping services.

Check the Mashable article for the full list.


Google Maps Click and Drag to change route

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Google Maps has added a new feature, Click and Drag.

Google Maps - Drag to change route
Google Maps – Drag to change route

From Mashable:

Google Maps has improved its directions feature dramatically today by adding “Click and Drag”: after laying out a route, click and drag any point to have Google Maps recalculate the route with updated distance and time. It works great when you don’t like the suggested route, want to take a detour or need to avoid traffic jams and the like.

Neat feature!


EveryScape: a realistic 3D view of streetscapes and public places

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EveryScape is a new service set to launch this fall that presents a realistic 3D view of streetscapes and public places by putting together information from 2D photos.

EveryScape – Union Square (San Francisco)

EveryScape is the only place you can discover your everyday world, your way. Today, you can check out Union Square, San Francisco as the first city to be scaped. You can check out restaurants, hotels, go shopping, drive by homes. You can see what other people are saying and share your comments as you stroll down the street.

EveryScape map powered by Google

This is like Google Street View, but better (Interestingly enough, the map shown with the streetscapes is powered by Google…).

In the preview you can check the streetscape of Union Square (San Francisco) in AutoDrive, or by manually clicking the green arrow buttons. Additional information is available for notable buildings, object etc.

More cities are planned, starting with Boston, New York and Seattle.

Link via Download Squad


Google Maps adds Street View

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Google Maps has introduced a new feature, Street View.

In certain locations, you can view and navigate within street-level imagery. All you have to do is drag the little yellow guy to the place you want to see or click any streets outlined in blue. (currently only available for major US cities)

Google Maps Street View of NYC 86th and 3rd
Google Maps Street View of NYC 86th and 3rd

I have fond memories of my visits to NYC, so I really enjoyed navigating through these streets checking out places I recognized like Papaya’s on 86th and 3rd. Curly fries… yum!

Link via Kottke