Google Maps adds Street View

Google Maps has introduced a new feature, Street View. In certain locations, you can view and navigate within street-level imagery. All you have to do is drag the little yellow guy to the place you … read more

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Gmail doubles attachment size limit to 20 MB

Gmail upgraded the maximum attachment size from 10 MB to 20 MB (total size of the message). Gmail Help Center – Maximum attachment size 20 MB As files tend to get bigger and bigger it … read more

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Adsense Sandbox – Google Adsense preview tool

Digital Inspiration has released Adsense Sandbox 1.0, a Google Adsense Preview Tool. Adsense Sandbox website screenshot Type any web page URL (e.g. or keywords (e.g. paris hilton), select a country (optional) and hit Enter … read more

Google Reader for the Wii

If you have a Nintendo Wii you can now use a new Google Reader interface, specifically designed for the Wii. Google Reader Wii interface From the ZDNet blog: Google quietly launched Google Reader specifically designed … read more

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Calgoo Calendar – Find, Use & Share

Calgoo has officially launched their beta calendar sharing program (Windows, Mac and Linux). Calgoo Calendar screenshot Calgoo aggregates, displays and manages events from multiple calendar sources: Google, Outlook and iCal. It uses the Google Calendar … read more

Lifehacker Google Reader tips

Lifehacker has a nice read on my favorite online RSS reader, Hack Attack: Getting good with Google Reader. Adam Pash writes: Today, I’m going to show you the ins and outs of Google’s powerful newsreader, … read more

How to Turn Off Google Search History Recording

Google keeps many records, including your web searches. These records enable you to have personalized search results. The search history is also linked to your other Google services, like Gmail and Calendar. If you didn’t … read more

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Ironic Sans: Celebrity Patents

Ironic Sans dug up some cool patents by celebrities with Google’s Patent Search feature. Last month, Google introduced its new Patent Search feature (in beta), allowing users to dig through 7 million US patents from … read more

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