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Noisebud updates GranMa buffer scratch VST to v2.0

Noisebud has released version 2.0 of the GranMa buffer scratching plug-in for Windows.

Noisebud GranMa

Except small changes in the granular engine there’s two new main features, a freeze button that will override everything (even the wet/dry knob) and freeze what ever is sent into the plugin at the moment. And second there’s now a timer so that the user may know the length of their recorded audio.

Changes in GranMa v2.0

  • Added a simple Freeze button.
  • Added a timer for the length of the buffer.
  • Changed the behavior of the release.
  • The playback engine is a bit more smooth.
  • Dry/Wet control is designed to make more sense.
  • The record button is now also an input audio meter.

A black/white version of GranMa for Windows (VST) is available to download at no cost. For a minimum donation of $2 USD you can get the plug-in with a colored GUI.

More information: Noisebud / GranMa

Dmitry Sches updates Diversion synth plugin to v1.32

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Dmitry Sches Diversion

Dmitry Sches has released version 1.32 of Diversion, a synthesizer instrument plugin for Windows and Mac.

Diversion is a versatile, high quality software synthesizer, designed for use in any genre of professional electronic music production.

Diversion takes the full advantage of modern processors to bring you the perfect sound quality that fits standards of hardware synthesizers.

Changes in Diversion v1.32

  • Changed installer for Windows.
  • Fixed noise burst when tweaking Density for OSC in granular mode on Mac.
  • Few minor bugs fixed.

Diversion for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase at the holiday sale price of $89 USD (regular $169 USD) until January 15th, 2014.

More information: Dmirty Sches / Diversion

New Sonic Arts updates Granite granular plug-in to v1.503

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New Sonic Arts Granite

New Sonic Arts has released version 1.503 of Granite, the granular texture generator instrument for Windows and Mac.

Granite’s unique sound engine melds a state-of-the-art granular processor, an innovative modulation system and a range of grain-level FX, resulting in a degree of musicality not achieved before with granular synthesis.

Changes in Granite v1.503

  • New Features:
    • New LP and HP Filter modes.
    • New Browser Audition Volume.
    • New look for Setup dialog.
    • Demo mode now supports saving presets.
  • Improvements:
    • Increased CPU efficiency for parameter modulation recordings.
    • Browser: Drive names now displayed.
    • Browser: Hidden files no longer shown.
    • Browser and assignment manager now support Page Up and Page Down keys.
    • Sample Play position is reset when loading presets.
    • Various other small misc improvement and graphical enhancements.
  • Note: Due to file-format changes, Granite 1.5 requires re-activation on first start.

Granite for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for 39 EUR as part of New Sonic Arts’ Holiday Sale until December 31st, 2013 (regular 70 EUR).

More information: New Sonic Arts / Granite

Dmitry Sches updates Diversion synth plugin to v1.30 + 50% Off Sale

Dmitry Sches Diversion

Dmitry Sches has released version 1.30 of Diversion, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

This time the update is not huge, but quite interesting. The update is all about samples. Diversion can play samples and do granular synthesis, though there is no support for AIFF and multisamples, for now just WAV.

In order to make fun from all of this, there is record button added to Diversion. Now you can click record button, play MIDI and record output audio. In a single menu click you can insert the recorded sample back into oscillator and continue over again.

Apart from samples, there are lots of minor fixes for GUI and stability both for Mac and Win.

Changes in Diversion v1.30

  • Added sample playback support, including granular synthesis.
  • Added output audio recording feature.
  • Many minor stability fixes.

Diversion for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase at a discounted price of $89 USD (regular $169 USD) until January 15th, 2014.

More information: Dmirty Sches / Diversion

Sound Guru releases The Mangle granular instrument

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Sound Guru The Mangle

Sound Guru has announced a public beta of The Mangle, a granular synthesizer / sampler plug-in.

I’ve been fascinated by granular synthesis for years but I never found a satisfactory plugin to explore it – I wanted full automation in my DAW, preset recall, and tools to ‘play’ the stream of grains expressively.

So I built it myself. Or more accurately, I am building it myself. The Mangle is beta software, but if you want to help me test, you can buy at the discounted beta price.

The Mangle features

  • Animated granular display – Visualize your grain stream. Individual grains move across the waveform in real time. Amplitude, pitch and envelope are also represented.
  • Drag & drop modulation – Creating new modulations is easy – just drag the modulator to its target, then set the amount with in-place markers showing changes.
  • Resizable vector interface – The Mangle’s interface is rendered dynamically as vectors – resize it with no loss in quality. Handy for live performance.
  • Dual sequencers – The Mangle is also great for making rhythmic patterns. A pair of sequencers can be used to modulate any parameter.
  • Multiband waveform display – Quickly and easily see where high, mid and low frequencies are in your audio, for clearer sound setup and tweaking.
  • Multi-timbral – Each instance of the plugin has 8 full ‘slots’ each with their own audio & parameters. Map them to any MIDI range for multi-timbral patches.

The Mangle is currently available for Mac only (VST/AU), for the discounted beta price of £19.99 GBP. A Windows version is coming soon.

More information: Sound Guru / The Mangle

New Sonic Arts launches Christmas Sale – 45% off

New Sonic Arts Sale

New Sonic Arts has announced its Christmas Sale, offering a 45% discount on its products for a limited time.

Granite’s unique sound engine melds a state-of-the-art granular processor, an innovative modulation system and a range of grain-level FX, resulting in a degree of musicality not achieved before with granular synthesis.

Nuance proudly stands out against the crowd of complex and cumbersome samplers. In contrast, Nuance’s streamlined and intuitive approach will boost your productivity, while the vast modulation and FX possibilities will inspire you to create new sounds – fast.

Granite and Nuance for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) are 39 EUR / $49 USD each, until December 31st, 2013.

More information: New Sonic Arts

Meltedsounds releases Whoosh sound fx instrument for Reaktor

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Meltedsounds Whoosh

Meltedsounds has launched Whoosh, a true sound design instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor that enables you to create breath taking whoosh and pass-by effects.

It is possible to precisely design sounds varying from whistling wind whooshes to air ripping engine pass-bys or completely over the top granular sci-fi effects.

The included doppler effects engine was designed from ground up to physical model the acoustic phenomena of an object that approaches, passes, and recedes from an observer. The individual playback engines, the source mixer and doppler engine can be manipulated in synchronized connection to each other. This makes it possible to playback the desired sound effect at different durations while remaining everything in perfect sync.

Whoosh comes with an extensive onboard sample library licensed from leading sound effect recordists. It includes categories like wind, fire, metal, water, engine and explosion effects.

Whoosh features

  • Enables you to design breath taking whoosh and pass-by sound effects.
  • Complex but intuitive to use sound design engine.
  • 4 loop / grain samplers, 4 impact samplers, wave mixer, doppler engine and post effects.
  • Comes with over 240 sounds exclusively licensed from professional sound effect recordists.
  • Note: Loading your own sounds is not supported at the moment but it is possible. (This will become officially available in a future update)

Whoosh is available to purchase for $79 USD. Requires Reaktor 5.8 or later (Player not supported).

More information: Meltedsounds

Samplephonics releases Cinematic Textures

Samplephonics Cinematic Textures

Samplephonics has launched Cinematic Textures, a 750+ MB sample pack featuring a collection of evolving textural soundscapes for soundtrack compositions, downtempo music and ambiant breakdowns.

Using a combination of atmospheric field recordings, granular synthesis, experimental reverberation and layered samples to create deep, emotive atmospheres, this sample library contains a powerful pallette of sonic textures that can be be used creatively to enhance existing musical ideas, or subtly to evoke tension and emotion.

All sounds are between 15 and 45 seconds long, and are provided in 24 Bit wav, with sampler instruments for Reason NN-XT, Logic Pro EXS24, Kontakt 4 and Ableton Sampler. All sounds have been mapped across the keyboard to allow them to be played melodically, or processed further for more unique effects. All loops and samples are available to download 100% royalty free.

The sample library costs £30 GBP.

More information: Samplephonics / Cinematic Textures