OneLeaf Software GenMce – Redux, Generic Mackie Control Emulator

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OneLeaf Software has released version 0.8.6 of GenMce – Redux, a Generic Mackie Control Emulator for Windows.

It translates your (hardware) midi controller, into an approximation of the mixer section of a Mackie Control Universal. (mcu)

It is designed to allow you to use your midi controller to it’s maximum potential in your audio, and possibly video creative projects without having to reprogram your controller.

OneLeaf Software GenMce - Redux
GenMce – Redux, MIDI translator for Windows

GenMce – Redux features

  • It works in banks of 8 tracks – as many as you have.
  • For each track you get
    • pans
    • sends
    • plugin / EQ / returns (depends on host/daw)
    • mute/solo/arm/ (multifunction mutes – see manual)
    • Channel select and vpot select
    • fader plus a jog wheel as well as some specific daw commands like punch in/out – bank up and down.
  • LCD display emulation.
  • Fader feedback.
  • Fader scaling to match a fixed end controller.
  • Multifunction Mutes – triggered from your midi controller using cc’s/notes or hotkeys.
  • Ability to use computer keyboard hotkeys to trigger multifunction mutes and other commands.
  • Modular – meaning you can disable sections and have controller data pass through if needed.
  • Autodaw detection for Cubase/Live/Reaper/Sonar*/Adobe Audition*, and possibly others (* not verified).
  • Jog Wheel – from a midi controller AND mouse wheel.
  • Lower cpu load and smaller file size than GenMce 1.632.

GenMce – Redux for Windows is available to download at no cost. A Reaper specific version .88 is available as well. Donations are appreciated.

More information: OneLeaf Software


OneLeaf Software releases KeyMce


OneLeaf Software has released KeyMce, a Mackie Control Emulation software for Windows.

Mix your music from you laptop, without an external controller. KeyMce is designed for a laptop, however, it will work with a standard pc keyboard.

KeyMce changes your PC computer keyboard into a midi controller, sending midi messages similar to the Mackie Control Universal (tm mackie) to control 1- 48 tracks.

KeyMce features

  • Fader feedback, when set up properly no control jumps.
  • Simultaneous faders -(total # depends on computer), author has 8 faders working simultaneously with feedback, fader speed adjustment, as well as bankable to 48 tracks.
  • Simultaneous vpots (pans or sends or plugins) control depending on daw. (Developer has 8 faders working simultaneously.)
  • Pans – faders mixed at the same time.
  • Multifunction mutes (like GenMce).
  • Mutes/solos/arms (bankable to 48 tracks).
  • Multi press functions from the same set of 8 F keys.
  • 8 ch selects (bankable).
  • Jog Wheel.

KeyMce was designed for Reaper and works in Ableton Live as well (future release will include plugin/return control). It may work with other DAW software as well, your mileage may vary.

KeyMce is available to download as “beverageware”/donationware for Windows PC.

More information: KeyMce


Kip Chatterson updates GenMce to v1.63

Kip Chatterson GenMce v1.63

Kip Chatterson has released version 1.63 of GenMce, a Generic Mackie Control Emulator plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v1.63

  • Rewind and Fast forward added.
  • Minor GUI adjustments.
  • Manual revised.
  • Command text entered for Ableton Live.

See the changelog for more information.

GenMce v1.63 and GenMceXT v1.62 will be the final versions until SynthEdit is updated.

More information: GenMce


Kip Chatterson updates GenMce to v1.6b

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Kip Chatterson GenMce v1.6b

Kip Chatterson has released version 1.6b of GenMce, a Generic Mackie Control Emulator plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v1.6b

  • Complete rewrite with new custom SynthEdit modules.
  • New GUI skin.
  • Significantly reduced cpu usage.
  • Much smoother vpot control.
  • All controls on one page.

Note that this version is still beta, so please report any problems / suggestions at the GenMce forum.

More information: GenMce


Kip Chatterson releases GenMce v1.53

Kip Chatterson GenMce v1.53

Kip Chatterson has released GenMce v1.53.

GenMce is a Stand alone (free) midi control surface translator/emulator. Let your midi controller act like a Mackie Control Universal for near mouse free surface control of your DAW software. Presets created for Ableton Live, Cubase/Nuendo, Sonar, Audition, Reason, Tracktion and more. Built in midi monitors for easy entry of your controller data.

Updated in v1.53

  • Fixed: preset selects!
  • New documentation, lots of small pictures!
  • Added: presets for Ableton Live, Cubase/Nuendo, Sonar, MOTU Digital Performer, Cool Edit Pro, Audtion, Traktion, Pro Tools Hui, Reason, Logic (not finished), and Saw Studio
  • Fixed: cc drop down lists (text box read only) many places -text entry was not working correctly. Now only drop downs for cc/notes
  • Fixed: several broken popups – user command section
  • Added: Chan < , > buttons in the Controls section
  • Added: I/O button/user named in Vpot output
  • Layout Changed slightly
  • User Command I and II sections out# changed to read only and colors changed to reflect user input (red) for Function. You can’t change the function by changing this text. It only reflects what the software expects and is a reference for the user

More information: GenMce


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