Audiomodern releases Sync sample library

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Audiomodern has announced the release of Sync, a new sample library with a focus on futuristic sounding electronic & glitch drum construction kits.

Audiomodern Sync

Introducing SYNC a supreme sounding loop based sampler instrument for NI Kontakt also available on WAV, AIFF & REX.

SYNC is focusing on futuristic sounding electronic & glitch drum groove construction kits that carefully blend IDM, Breaks, Organic, Ambient, Glitch, Trip-hop, Minimal, Futuristic Electronica and more.

Sync features

  • Crystal clear samples at 48Khz/24Bit.
  • 38 Construction kits.
  • 1.26 total Gb of sounds.
  • 300+ loops.
  • 10 Reverb Types.
  • Simple and easy to use GUI with FX and tweaking options..
  • With reverb, pan,solo, mute on every loop on every construction kit for unlimited mix and match combinations.
  • Tempo Sync button to enable synchronization to your DAW’s tempo.
  • Professional sound in a flexible module.

Sync is available in Kontakt, Wav, Aiff and REX and formats, for an introductory price of $29 USD (regular $39 USD).

More information: Audiomodern / Sync


CL-Projects releases Triode Lead Synthesizer for Kontakt

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CL-Projects has released Triode Lead Synthesizer, a dual oscillator synthesizer for Kontakt, intended to make fat, analog and digital sounding lead sounds.

CL-Projects Triode Lead Synthesizer

There are 60 different waveforms to choose from, 30 per oscillator. Each OSC has 3 envelope generators (Amplifier, Filter and Pitch) and 3 different filters, (Low Pass, High Pass and Band Pass). There are 2 Low Frequency Oscillators (LFOs), a Pitch LFO and a Filter LFO with a choice between 4 different waveforms (Sine, Saw, Square & Random), or the LFO can be switched off. Both LFOs can be used at the same time. The sounds can be modulated via Velocity, Aftertouch, Key Follow and the Modulation wheel.

And to top this all off, the user has a choice between 8 different FX (Digital Reverb, Digital Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Compressor, 2-Band EQ, Skreamer distortion) and an Arpeggiator with an integrated arp pattern generator.

Triode comes with a big selection of sounds (184 instruments and 64 multis), of which 140 are lead sounds.

Triode Lead Synthesizer features

  • 24-bit 44.100 kHz WAV samples.
  • 248 patches: 184 instruments (nki) and 64 multis (nkm).
  • 892 MB in size unpacked.
  • 24 samples per instrument, 2 oscillators, 12 per oscillator.
  • Velocity and Aftertouch responsive.
  • 8 FX: Digital Reverb, Digital Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Compressor, 2-Band EQ and Skreamer distortion.
  • Time and Speed parameters sync to Host tempo.
  • Controls page.
  • Arpeggiator & Effects page.
  • The Blue Orb fluctuates and changes in color when keys are pressed.

The library is available for purchase for $24 USD. Requires Kontakt 5.4 full version.

More information: CL-Projects / Triode Lead Synthesizer


Modwheel releases Biscuit Tin Guitar for Kontakt

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Modwheel has announced the release of Biscuit Tin Guitar, a 4-string fretless guitar instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Modwheel Biscuit Tin Guitar (Acoustic)

The instrument that MODWHEEL has sampled for their Biscuit Tin Guitar library is a one off, hand crafted by Steve Roche. Steve has been making tin guitars and other odd instruments for many years for use in his soundtrack work with Plan 9 and live with the bands he performs with.

This particular instrument is a 4 string fretless with open G Banjo tuning (D G B D). For sampling purposes the range of the instrument has been extended down to the E below the D of its natural range.

The instrument is fitted with a pickup and was recorded both acoustically as well as through a vintage Fender Twin Reverb amp.

Biscuit Tin Guitar features

  • 35 Kontakt patches both acoustic and electric, with finger and plectrum Performance.
  • Keyswitches operate the different note options i.e. Long, Short, Mute, Semitone Slide Up and Hammer Off.
  • Dynamic keyswitching to aid performance with several velocity layers and at least 3 round robins.
  • FX panel on each patch gives the ability to adjust the sound to further suit your requirements.
  • The instrument has also been used for its percussive possibilities and there are several percussion kits and BPM’d rhythm patches.
  • In addition there are a number of patches that play arpeggios and song patterns from a single key.
  • 24-Bit 96kHz Multisamples (2873 samples), 1.4 GB Core Library (657 MB via lossless compression).

The library is available for purchase for the introductory price of $29 USD (regular $49 USD).

More information: Modwheel / Biscuit Tin Guitar


Bela D Media launches LE Program

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Bela D Media has announced the launch of a new LE Program, offering a series of single patches for Kontakt.

Bela D Media LE Program

LE instruments are a mini collection of single patches created from full version products. In most cases, the functionally and features required for a single instrument remain intact.

The new LE program is a painless and risk-free way to audition high-quality samples at an amazingly low price and best of all, each LE purchase is a credit toward the cost of a full version upgrade.

The LE series instruments are available for purchase for $10 USD each.

More information: Bela D Media / LE Program


Fairly Confusing Waveforms releases Cracklebot & Cracklebot Red for Kontakt

Fairly Confusing Waveforms has released Cracklebot, a free vinyl noise machine for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Fairly Confusing Waveforms Cracklebot

Cracklebot is automated drum machine based on vinyl noise samples. I sampled worn and dirty, empty grooves from my vinyl collection. Lead-ins, lead-outs, silent parts in between tracks, those have been chopped to 115 short slices or pops, crackles, scratches and noises.

Cracklebot is sequencing them into tempo synchronized, noise grooves. The machine can create new, random patterns on a single click, so it’s quite fun play with.

Also available is Cracklebot Red, a modified version:

  • uses 4 convolution units instead of 2, replaced the delays, this needs considerably powerful CPU.
  • reverb mixdown knob now controls return of all 4 units, delay mix knob is replaced with dry signal level knob, so now you can listen to just wet output of all reverbs.
  • there are now 12 layers/tracks per groove instead of 9.
  • there are small adjustments in groove generation constraints, larger possible sequences, different possible sequence speeds, etc.

Both Cracklebot instrument libraries are available for download at no charge. Requires full version of Kontakt 4.2 or higher.

More information: Fairly Confusing Waveforms


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