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Dark Side of the Tune releases Volca Sleaze free sample pack

Volca Sleaze

Dark Side of the Tune has released Volca Sleaze, a free sample pack featuring a collection of 42 one-shot samples of the Volca Keys analog synthesizer by Korg.

This machine has many great “key” sounds. As usual, our aim is to think “hmm… what if…”
We took the Volca and ran it through multiple analog filters, LFOs for texture, multiple gain-staging, and parallel ring modulation for a gritty spatial tone. To take it even further, we focused mainly on drum sounds. Yes, drum sounds. But, never fear there are filthy sound effects, bass, and keys too.

All sounds are offered in 16 and 24 bit resolution, 44.1kHz wave files.

If you would like to contribute to the hard work it took to make these samples, please visit our store at and purchase one of the many sample libraries available.

The sample pack is a free download at SoundCloud.

More information: Dark Side of the Tune / Volca Sleaze


Plugin Boutique offers 50% off Tronsonic’s Kork M500 Micro Presets

Plugin Boutique has launched a 24-hour sale on Kork M500 Micro Presets, a virtual instrument Kontakt library by Tronsonic.

Tronsonic Kork M500 Micro Presets
The instrument comes with different sets of presets from the original synth, sampled through a chain of vintage interstage transformers and valves.

A faithful replica of the classic late 70s micro preset synth, plus a few extras…

Featuring a custom ‘tape fx’ section, to emulate the effect of tape compression, as well as damage – listen to the audio demo to the left for an example of how this affects the dynamic of the synth.

Recorded without tape, to preserve the purity of the waveform. Near 100 year old interstage transformers were used in the sampling, along with valves to provide extra high end sizzle and dimension.

The library is available to purchase from Plugin Boutique at a 50% discount on December 20th, 2013.

More information: Plugin Boutique / Kork M500 Micro Presets


Cluster Sound releases Sigman Ableton Live Pack

Cluster Sound Sigman

Cluster Sound has announced the release of Sigman, a multi-sampled Live Pack based on the vintage Korg Sigma, primarily designed for raw analog basses & leads.

In the late 70′s Korg experimented with a machine for players looking for a simpler alternative to knobby synthesizers. The result was the Sigma, a bi-timbric semi-preset synth with rocker-tabs, micro knobs and two X-Y joystick controls. The Korg Sigma is based on 19 VCOs grouped in two discrete sections (Synthe and Instrument) that can be cross-modulated and filtered with a LP/HP Filter. Each VCO is equipped with a single dedicated control including Korg35 filter circuits for shaping the sounds.

Sigman is based on 30 multi-sample recordings obtained by sampling the VCO presets and custom cross-modulated sounds. Sigman delivers 90 inspiring and meticulously crafted Live Racks with dedicated macro controls, part of which simulate the ring-modulator, the joystick filter and the single VCO knobs of the original Sigma.

Sigman features

  • 800 MB content, 24 Bits/44.1 Khz.
  • 90 Instrument Racks.
  • 90 Live Devices.
  • 40 Live Clips.
  • 30 multi-sample recordings.
  • One sample per note (3 octaves).
  • Sampler / Simpler versions included.
  • Perfect loop-points (no crossfading).
  • Requires Ableton Live 9.

The Live Pack costs 24 EUR. Until December 24th, 2013, it is available to purchase for 9 EUR with coupon code SIGMAN9EU at checkout.

More information: Cluster Sound / Sigman


The Drum Broker releases MSXII – The Synth Immaculate

MSXII presents The Synth Immaculate

The Drum Broker has introduced The Synth Immaculate, a sample pack by MSXII Sound Design.

The Synth Immaculate boasts a colorful array of hand selected sounds by the MSXII. Locked in a room full of instruments such as the Korg Sigma, Polymoog, Sequential Circuit Prophet 5, Arp axxe, and more, there were only 2hrs to sample and grab as much audio from these timeless machines!

The result is an all exclusive peek into some unique, creative, and downright DISRESPECTFUL sounds! Furthermore, gritty synths, incredibly low subs, and beautifully sprinkled arpeggios dominate this kit!

The Synth Immaculate features

  • 48k/24bit hand-selected sounds from vintage keyboards [Korg Sigma, Arp Axxe, Polymoog, Octave Cat + more].
  • No added compression, limiting, or coloring of sound to preserve original state.
  • Royalty free patches organized by instrument.
  • Bonus unheard breaks and fills from MSXII Sound Design.

The sample pack is available from the Drum Broker for $24.99 USD.

More information: Drum Broker / The Synth Immaculate


Fabrizio Poce releases J74 Volca Control series

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J74 Volca Control

Fabrizio Poce of J74 has launched Volca Control, a collection of software editors and control surfaces for the Korg Volca series.

The J74 Volca Control package provides you with three editors and control surfaces for the Korg Volca series: the VKeys, VBass and VBeats.

These tools allow you to control, store and modulate all Volca native MIDI parameters while adding a bunch of new features for synthesis and performance, such as: filter KeyTracking (both VKeys and VBass), Chorus-like effects (VKeys), additional tempo sync LFO (VKeys), Pitch Tuning and modulation modes (VBass), 3x note Polyphony emulation on VBass, MIDI velocity emulation on VBeats, LFO auto-tuning modulation (VBass and VKeys) and Solo/Mute controls on VBeats.

All devices also offer presets storage (load, save, recall), a X/Y Panel for modulation of two parameters simultaneously and a parameter randomizer.

The J74 Volca Control package is available to purchase as standalone desktop applications for Windows and Mac and in Ableton’s Live Max for Live format, priced at $8 USD.

More information: Fabrizio Poce / J74 Volca Control


Dark Side of the Tune releases free Volca Beast sample pack

Dark Side of the Tune Volca Beast

Dark Side of the Tune has released Volca Beast, a free sound library featuring the sounds of the new analog drum machine by Korg.

The Volca Beats was put through multiple gain stages and frequency modulation to create even more depth and range. From quick thumpy sounds for techno and like genres, to beefy Hip-Hop style rhythms, Volca Beast can easily fit into most productions.

All sounds were recorded into analog outboard conservatively, then the Universal Audio Apollo for rock-solid digital stability. These sounds are not normalized, and brought up to about -6 so no digital distortion occurs.

All sounds are offered in 16 and 24 bit resolution, 44.1kHz wave files.

The sample pack is a free download at Dark Side of the Tune’s SoundCloud.

More information: Dark Side of the Tune / Volca Beast


Cluster Sound releases Pathos for Live

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Cluster Sound Pathos

Cluster Sound has announced the release of Pathos, a multi-sample Ableton Live pack designed for organic pads, rich strings and warm synth keys and based on the semi-modular polyphonic Korg PS-3200 synthesizer from the late ’70s.

The Korg PS-3200 is one of the biggest, rarest and amazing sounding synthesizers ever made. Released in 1978, just few hundreds of units were manufactured during the following four years. It has been used by artists like Hans Zimmer, J.M. Jarre, Emmerson Lake & Palmer, John Miles, Rick Wakeman, Tangerine Dream and by other legendary artists and synthesizer pioneers.

Thanks to its truly polyphonic architecture, the Korg PS-3200 sounds like no other synthesizer. It’s a ‘two oscillator per voice’ polysynth that means 48 keys can be played at once and articulated independently of each other. Each of the 96 octave-divided VCOs, 48 (Korg-35) VCFs, 48 VCAs and 48 envelopes, makes its own contribution to the character of the sound. The result is a very musical, rich, warm, deep and unique sound which has been simply described as an orchestra of synthesizers.

Pathos features

  • 130 Live Presets, 130 Sampler Devices, 30 Clips and 7 Audio Effects Racks, including a great sounding simulation of the Korg PS-3200 Ensemble FX.
  • Based on 27 multi-sample recordings, each of which consists of 18 notes with a length between 9 and 18 seconds, and all the samples have long and perfect loop points.
  • Captures all the nuances and the organic variations of the machine and at the same time reduces to the minimum any kind of key transposition or sample crossfading artifact.

Pathos for Live costs 39 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Pathos