AfroDJMac releases Michael Jackson Synth for Ableton

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AfroDJMac has released the Michael Jackson Synth, a latest in a series of free weekly Ableton Live Racks.


I love Michael Jackson. So, why not use his voice as the groundwork for a new synth? This week, I created a Sampler instrument using various vocal snippets from early in the King of Pop’s career. Particular attention was paid to finding especially emotive phrases. After sifting through his impressive catalog, I settled on using bits from “Ben,” “I Want You Back,” “Rock With You,” and “I’ll Be There.” Follow along with the video tutorial as I explain how the instrument works, some effects I’ve applied, and, most importantly, how it can be modified. This instrument is a fun one, because its sound ranges anywhere from string section/choir synth to a super-distorted shoegazing electric guitar sound… plus it’s all created using Michael Jackson’s voice. Long Live The King.

What’s more? Well, this week you are getting two Device Racks. I’ve included an effect rack using Ableton’s Amp and Cabinet plug ins. I did a little frequency splitting on this one; only the high frequencies are effected, while the lower ones pass through un-effected. This rack is meant to dirty up your sound, while preserving the bass frequencies.

More information: AfroDJMac


Michael Jackson dies at 50 (1958-2009)

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Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

“Bad news about Michael Jackson, more after the break”.

I didn’t get more than that last night, as I shut the TV before finding out what exactly this bad news was…


Pop icon Michael Jackson died Thursday after being rushed to the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. Jackson, 50, was taken from his Los Angeles home to UCLA Medical Center where doctors worked for more than an hour to try to resuscitate him, his brother Jermaine Jackson said. An autopsy is scheduled for Friday.

Now I am in my early thirties, so I was a teenager at the time the songs from Thriller and Bad were broadcast on the radio and TV. I remember how “cool” Jackson used to be. A proper pop icon. Everyone knew his songs like Beat it, Smooth Criminal and Billie Jean.

I wonder if the kids of today will think back of the music they like now, as I do about Michael Jackson’s work of the 80’s.

Things have changed over the years. For me, for Michael, and for pop music in general. We used to have pop stars, now we have pop acts — which generally don’t even last longer than 2 years. Kids’ attention span has changed… the music industry cares more about profit than music… how exciting is it to buy a track from the iTunes store anyway? Cold digital bits and bytes.

Anyway, check Michael’s Wikipedia page for more info on the life and music of the King of Pop.


Ueberschall releases Urbanic

Ueberschall Urbanic

Ueberschall has released Urbanic, a 2.8 GB Hip Hop and R&B sounds sample library.

Urbanic features 34 Construction Kits and 1280 Loops and Samples.

The construction kits on Urbanic are divided up into specific folders – one containing the main kit, a variation kit with alternative sequences and phrases, as well as a kit with separate intro and an outro.

On top of that a folder containing all the individual drum sounds which makes it much more flexible to use and provides a very easy way of arranging a whole song including all the variations needed to make the perfect club track.

Responsible for the production of Ueberschall Urbanic are Michael Jackson, Dj Drastic and Marc Steinmeier — three highly respected Black Music producers in the industry. This team has produced and remixed for well known artists such as NAS, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Willie Joe and Eminem to name but a few.

The sound library comes along with the loop player Elastik (animated screenshot).

Urbanic is available for Mac/PC/AU/VST/RTAS and costs $119 USD/99 EUR.

Visit Ueberschall for more information and audio demos.