Squaredheads updates Nora to v2.0

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Squaredheads has released version 2.0 of Nora, a pattern based arpeggiator / phrase sequencer that is designed to allows the creation of solo melodies, rhythmic basslines, or stabs.

Squaredheads Nora 2.0

Nora employs the workflow of a DAW for a creative, simple and quick edition with a complete integration among the modules. Nora can be sequenced by either a linear manner or by patterns triggered by MIDI.

Thanks to its polyphonic pianoroll technology and its real-time effects, Nora gives the user complete control over the arpeggiator pattern (note-length, overlapping notes/chords, velocities, spaces between notes, etc.)

The engine has been re-designed from scratch to offer more precision at the sample-level. This way, Nora produces an output that is loyal to the input, without perceptible latency. Moreover, it supports two operation modes: “Free”, a mode in which output notes are always in line with input chords, and “Static”, in which input chords are adapted to the notes of Nora, resulting in smoother changes. Nora now supports up to eight simultaneous tracks, each of them with an arpeggiator engine and individual settings, like MIDI routing.

Nora v2.0 features

  • Sample accurate engine.
  • Complete real-time edition.
  • Edit up to 5 octaves and 5 notes per octave.
  • 8 tracks with 8 independent arpeggiators.
  • Playlist module: It allows each track being sequenced in two ways: As a classic DAW, or as a Pattern Chainer.
  • Pattern editor with 24 pattern per track.
  • 2 pattern-changing modes, controllable via MIDI: ‘In queue’, a mode in which each pattern waits for its turn to start playing and, ‘instant’ in which the change is played immediately, maintaining the synchrony with the DAW.
  • Real-time quantizer with user-defined patterns.
  • Randomizer engine that includes 2 random phrase generators and 2 mutators.
  • Real-time velocity randomization.
  • Two clock modes: It can work in synchrony with DAW or as a classic arpeggiator.
  • More than 1200 presets.
  • Play speed settings.
  • MIDI rhythm import.
  • Realtime MIDI output recording.
  • Automatic mouse helpers to ease edition with small notes.
  • Fully resizable interface.
  • Several modes to navigate through the windows.
  • Project management.
  • Unlimited and independent undo / redo for each pattern.
  • Very low CPU usage.
  • Highly customizable interface with over 400 parameters.
  • Includes the NoraHarm plugin for free, an Harmonizer / MIDI Key Mapper.

Nora for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available at an introductory discount of 15% until December 30th, 2014. Regular price 49 EUR.

More information: Squaredheads


No Dough launches 24-hour sale on NDS-1 House Music – 75% off sample pack

NDS-1 House Music

No Dough Samples has announced a 24-hour sale on its NDS-1 House Music sample library.


An essential tool kit for the professional producer, with unparalleled tonal variety and a wide range of sounds in 3 huge sections covering Synths, Bass, Drums and Loops.

NDS-1′s extensive collection of samples offers the highest levels of quality and workability bringing together great tones in an instantly usable way. Clever and user-friendly features such as Kontakt4 custom front-ends and the addition of midi files for all loop compositions are built-in to this high-end pack meaning your music will benefit from the quality, sought after sounds of the best equipment enabling you to concentrate on what matters most when composing … creativity.

NDS-1 House Music features

  • 4,000 Drum & Percussion Shots.
  • A800, Revox & MPC Variations.
  • 250 Loops and progressions + MIDI and Rex loops.
  • 53 Multisampled hardware patches from classic analogue synths.
  • 7,045 WAV files in total (24-bit).

The pack is available for purchase for £9.99 GBP on December 17th, 2014 only (regular £39.99 GBP).

More information: No Dough / NDS-1 House Music


Audanika releases Soundprism Electro

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Audanika has announced the release of Soundprism Electro, a brand new addition to the SoundPrism family.

The new app features a vastly improved sound engine, which is now capable of allowing the user to play multiple sounds at the same time while ensuring rock solid performance. SoundPrism Electro’s new input modes enable musicians to control bass, chords and melody with just just one tap. Another new feature of SoundPrism Electro is the ribbon controller which enables musicians to perform more expressively. With its full support for Virtual MIDI, SoundPrism Electro is an excellent MIDI controller allowing users to control other music apps in real time. The internal sound engine can also be controlled by other MIDI capable apps or hardware controllers.

SoundPrism Electro’s brand new interactive tutorial system, which explains each part of the app step by step, reacts to users’ input and guides them through Electro’s beautiful interface.

SoundPrism Electro is compatible with iPad 2 and newer devices and requires iOS 8.0. Audanika is part of the team behind Audiobus, so it’s no surprise that SoundPrism Electro is fully compatible with Audiobus, including support for Audiobus state saving.

SoundPrism Electro is available for purchase for the introductory price of $4.99 USD/£2.99 GBP/4.49 EUR.

More information: Audanika / Soundprism Electro


Toontrack launches Songwriting EZkeys MIDI 6 Pack

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Toontrack Songwriting EZkeys MIDI 6 Pack

Toontrack has released the Songwriting EZkeys MIDI 6 Pack, a collection of six individual titles from the widely popular line of MIDI in the EZkeys Line.

The Songwriting EZkeys MIDI 6 Pack provides you with professionally played piano parts, all performed in full song structure blocks and in a variety of intensities.

It covers anything from traditional country to the dwindling harmonic landscapes of jazz ballads, the distinctive tonalities of R&B and the everyday pop and rock.

This coupled with the powerful framework of EZkeys gives you not only instant song ideas, it lends you a creative canvas, ready for you add your own expression to.

EZkeys MIDI 6 Pack features

  • Ballads EZkeys MIDI
  • Ballads 2 EZkeys MIDI
  • Country EZkeys MIDI
  • Jazz Ballads EZkeys MIDI
  • Pop/Rock EZkeys MIDI
  • R&B EZkeys MIDI

The bundle is available for purchase for

More information: Toontrack / Songwriting EZkeys MIDI 6 Pack


Review: ModeAudio Open Spaces soundset for Massive

ModeAudio’s Open Spaces is a soundset for the Massive synthesizer, featuring a collection of 50 presets and MIDI loops.

ModeAudio Open Spaces
I know it doesn’t make you produce better music, but I really like ModeAudio’s artwork so here’s the one for Open Spaces in its full glory.

Like many producers born in the age of digital sound, we’ve always been fascinated by the beautifully, warm, lush and unpredictable character of vintage analog synths and gear.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to twist and warp cutting-edge tools to produce and, dare we say it, even improve upon these gorgeous synth tones and textures – Open Spaces – Massive Vintage R&B Presets represents the next level in this journey to woozy sonic heaven!

The pack includes bass (10), lead synth (10), keys/electric piano (5), melodic synth (10), percussion synth (4), pad (4), gated synth (2), and sfx presets (5). MIDI files are included as well so you can get an idea of how ModeAudio envisioned these patches.

Each preset has all 8 macro controls assigned with useful parameters for tweaking the sounds.

Check the demo below to get an idea of what sounds are included in the pack.

So what do I think?

Product: Open Spaces by ModeAudio
Format: Massive presets (.nmsv) + MIDI files
Price: £12 GBP
Like: Solid sounds, analog character
Don’t like: —
Verdict: 8/10

ModeAudio has managed to give this soundset that warm, lush flavor of the vintage analog type synth sound that Open Spaces was designed to bring.

Within the pack there is plenty variety with solid bass, interesting leads, some nice pads, useful percussion and sound fx, and some lovely keys.

The sound design isn’t necessarily ground-breaking, but the patches have character and one can tell they were made with care.

In short, Open Spaces is another solid pack of inspiring Massive presets.

More information: ModeAudio / Open Spaces


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