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Sounds To Sample has recently released Minimal Muzik, a new sample collection featuring glitchy loops. Brand new from Sounds/To/Sample, comes Minimal Muzik - 250MB of glitchy beat, bass and found-sound...


mimu.eu has released mnml_mango_beatz, a new pack of free samples by Maria Ovenbröd & Der Einmeier. mnml_mango_beatz features 85 .wav-loops (124bpm) of broken, smoothly glitched, circuit-bent 4/4 idm/mnml/noize- and elektro-beatloops. The...


mimu.eu has released mnml_bslns, a collection of free mid/bazz/glitch-loops. mnml_bslns features 174 unique, stack’able analogue-digital-circuitbent and glitch’d bass/mid-loops. 124MB archive containing 7 folders: ...

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