Review: Sounds To Sample Minimal Muzik

Sounds To Sample Minimal Muzik

Sounds To Sample has recently released Minimal Muzik, a new sample collection featuring glitchy loops.

Brand new from Sounds/To/Sample, comes Minimal Muzik – 250MB of glitchy beat, bass and found-sound manipulation, using custom-built C+ software and a host of original bit-degraded analogue machinery for some of the most innovative sound design around.

Carefully programmed to maintain its groove and musicality, the sounds in Minimal Muzik could be thought of as sound design as art – breaking electronica’s somewhat conformist boundaries.

The pack includes nearly 100 loops with tempos between 120 and 126bpm, with the majority at 124bpm.

Sample file names are clearly labeled with the tempo, category, genre and a descriptive title. For example: 124bpm_[mihi]_[mnml]_kordjazzclubdubglitch.wav is a jazzy glitchy loop which should suite minimal music well. mihi means its sounds are mostly in the mid-high of the frequency spectrum.

126bpm_[full]_[dzko]_dzkobtcrshctz.wav should be good for “dizko” I guess. Not too sure about the description for this one (dizko bitcrush cutz perhaps), but of course it is always good to have any kind of title with more detail than something like loop001.wav or beat01.wav, so you can easily distinguish between loops without having to audition them.

Minimal Muzik includes:

  • Drumloops — Weird, useful and unusual, inspiring, experimental and evolving house- and mnml/idm-drum- and percussion-loops.
  • Basslines/Bleeps — Wicked dancefloor-devastating and evolving glitchnoize.
  • Toploops — Unique percussive, sometimes melodic and glithcy noizy top-loops, rich in details.
  • Combis/Textures — Exceptionally weird idm’ish and glitchy trackblazers, out of the ordinary.

All loops are in 16bit/44.1khz .wav format. The samples are 8 bars long (~15 sec) with only a few exceptions that have 9 or 4 bars.

Minimal Muzik
Demo mp3 / 3.66 MB

Minimal Muzik is available as a download from Sounds To Sample for 19.99 EUR.

So what do I think?

These are some tasty loops. High quality both in sound and design. I think this pack should have been titled Glitch Muzik really, as these samples have a high glitch factor. Not mindless glitch for glitch’s sake, but used in a sensible way.

I am really impressed with the variety of sounds. Quite a number of loops have so much going on in just those 8 bars that you’ll want to get your chopping tools out and slice these samples up into even more loops.

Unlike some sample packs which sound like the same effect chain is thrown on every single sample, Minimal Muzik features lots of unique and highly original sounds.

So in short, two thumbs up for Minimal Muzik!

And if you want to have a taste of Minimal Muzik you can pick up a free pack of 15 brand new additional loops by, the creators of Minimal Muzik.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Minimal Muzik

comment releases mnml_mango_beatz

Related: , , , , , Posted in news on Jan 06, 2009 - comment 0 comments has released mnml_mango_beatz, a new pack of free samples by Maria Ovenbröd & Der Einmeier.

mnml_mango_beatz features 85 .wav-loops (124bpm) of broken, smoothly glitched, circuit-bent 4/4 idm/mnml/noize- and elektro-beatloops.

The sample pack is free for download but you’ll need a password to open the archive.

also this file is password-protected just to avoid unauthorized distribution, simply leave a comment with your correct e-mail-adress, then WAIT a bit and we’ll get back to you. your comment needs to get approved first before it gets published

So head on over to and leave a nice comment to get your hands on this pack of samples. Donations are much appreciated.

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mnml_bslns features

  • 174 unique, stack’able analogue-digital-circuitbent and glitch’d bass/mid-loops.
  • 124MB archive containing 7 folders:
    1. my broken roland tb303 (23 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    2. lofi loops (09 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    3. smack by glitch up (21 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    4. circuit bent noize machine (36 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    5. raw & dirtey (24 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    6. lo- to mid- to high-frequenced digital/analog sqs (33 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    7. mini-minimal (28. wav-loops, 122bpm).

The download is free but the actual file is password protected to avoid unauthorized distribution. You can obtain the password by leaving a comment on blog post or by donating some cash.

Visit for more information and audio demos.