mimu.eu has released mnml_bslns, a collection of free mid/bazz/glitch-loops.

mnml_bslns features

  • 174 unique, stack’able analogue-digital-circuitbent and glitch’d bass/mid-loops.
  • 124MB archive containing 7 folders:
    1. my broken roland tb303 (23 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    2. lofi loops (09 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    3. smack by glitch up (21 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    4. circuit bent noize machine (36 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    5. raw & dirtey (24 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    6. lo- to mid- to high-frequenced digital/analog sqs (33 .wav-loops, 122bpm).
    7. mini-minimal (28. wav-loops, 122bpm).

The download is free but the actual file is password protected to avoid unauthorized distribution. You can obtain the password by leaving a comment on mimu.eu blog post or by donating some cash.

Visit mimu.eu for more information and audio demos.