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Fingerpushers Superstructure sound library for Kontakt released

Fingerpushers Superstructure

Fingerpushers has released Superstructure, a new sample-based instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Superstructure is a synthesizer which concentrates on the popular supersaw waveform. There are five different supersaws waveforms carefully recorded from five different synthesizers including the Access Virus TI and Nord Modular G2. The waveforms were selected to cover as much ground as possible, meaning they are not trying to emulate the original supersaw from the Roland JP-8000 synthesizer, but rather make a broad take on supersaw waveforms that are popular in modern productions.

Apart from the supersaw oscillators there is a suboscillator (a square wave from the Virus sampled with a crunchy lofi settings on a Casio FZ sampler), and for that instant chopped pad-gratification, we also added a trance gate effect with six predefined patterns you can choose from.

Fingerpushers Superstructure
Superstructure comes with 105 presets with a focus on plucks and pads.

Superstructure features

  • 181 megabyte sound pool. The oscillators have been sampled in great detail: almost every key with long loops.
  • 105 presets (55 single presets and 50 multi sounds).
  • All files in 44.1 kHz, 16 bit WAV format. Programmed for Kontakt 4.

The sound library is available to purchase for 14.90 EUR.

More information: Fingerpushers / Superstructure


Clavia releases Nord Beat 4-track Step Sequencer App

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Clavia has introduced Nord Beat, a 4-track CoreMIDI Step Sequencer for iPad.

Nord Beat lets you create drum beats in classic 16 step grid with up to 8 patterns and offers great control over velocity.

Nord Beat also features a Pad Mode that lets you play the Nord Drum (or other MIDI gear) with your fingers and even gives you great control over the velocity!

Nord Beat
Although designed with the Nord Drum in mind, Nord Beat can be used with any MIDI instrument.

Nord Beat features

  • 8 Patterns.
  • 3 Velocity levels.
  • Velocity faders.
  • Adjustable pattern length (1-16).
  • Copy/Paste patterns.
  • Flexible cueing system.
  • Shuffle.
  • Mute button for each track.
  • Tap Tempo.
  • Pad mode with velocity zones.
  • Load/Save song.
  • MIDI Setup (Channel/Note number).

Nord Beat is free and works with any iPad running iOS 4.3 or newer. A CoreMIDI compatible MIDI interface is required.

More information: Clavia / Nord Beat


discoDSP drops price on Synthesizer Legacy Bundle

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discoDSP Synthesizer Legacy Bundle

discoDSP has announced a price drop of the Synthesizer Legacy Bundle, a collection of three synthesizer plug-ins.

discoDSP has reduced their Synthesizer Legacy Bundle to 199 EUR / USD 249 / 159 GBP / 19000 JPY. Synthesizer Bundles includes Mac + PC versions from Discovery Pro, Vertigo and Phantom (PC version).

Synthesizer Legacy Bundle features

  • Discovery Pro is a 32 and 64-bit 12 oscillator Virtual Analog Synthesizer featuring 4 layers, WAV and SoundFont (SF2) support, PADSynth, 2X oversampling / undersampling, built-in arpeggiator, sync, FM, 12 filter types, panning modulation, stereo delay and gate effects, graphic envelope modulation. Imports and exports Nord Lead 2 SysEx data.
  • Vertigo is a 32 and 64-bit Audio Units, VST and RTAS additive synthesizer. Imports and re-synthesize WAV and PNG files into two morphable layers, each with up to 256 oscillators. Includes 8 built-in effects, dual filters and FFT view.
  • Phantom is an eight voice, four operator, PM/FM synthesizer with the ability to import Yamaha DX100, DX27 and DX21 SysEx data.

The Synthesizer Legacy Bundle is available to purchase at the discoDSP Online Shop.

More information: discoDSP


Soundcells releases Nordic Red V1 Modular G2x ReFill

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Soundcells has released the full version of Nordic Red, the Modular G2x ReFill.

Soundcells Nordic Red

Nordic Red is a marvelleous sounding ReFill based on samples from the Nord Modular G2x synthesizer. ‘Prepare yourself for a journey where your creativity can reach new levels‘ – this statement from the ‘Welcome‘ section of the G2 manual is a perfect description of what you can expect from the Nordic Red ReFill. The ability to create an unlimited range of individual sounds will not only provide you with “otherworldly” atmospheric stuff, the deepest textures and great keys, but also with surprisingly “in-your-face” bass patches and wonderful pads when diving into this ReFill: The “self-playing” patches (called “Noodles” in the G2), for example, are great starting points to create some ultra-deep atmospheric textures – an ideal entry for composing film scores or game music.

By using Reason‘s fantastic timestretch algorithm (loading the waves as audio files), all samples can be tweaked further, diving deeper into the recordings, bouncing preferred parts and coming up with even more brilliant ambient gems…

But that´s not all that version 1 of Nordic Red has got to offer: If you are looking for quality bass patches, classic (or modern) keys, huge pads and more, you will not be disappointed! As usual, the combinator buttons and knobs were carefully assigned to allow dramtic changes to the default sounds you´ll be hearing initially.

Nordic Red features

  • 126 impressive combinator patches subdivided in 6 folders.
  • 149 NNXT patches containing the basic patches which were used to build the combinators.
  • 600+ 44 khz, 24bit samples, 1.1 GB uncompressed.
  • Great for film scores, game music, ambient & drones but also modern dance styles.
  • 11 demo files with ‘tutorialesque‘ value are included.

The ReFill is available to purchase for the introductory price of 19.90 EUR until May 31, 2012 (regular 24.90 EUR).

More information: Soundcells / Nordic Red


Clavia Nord Drum virtual analog drum synthesizer

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Clavia will introduce its new Nord Drum virtual analog drum synthesizer at the upcoming NAMM show.

Clavia Nord Drum

The Clavia Nord Drum Virtual Analogue Drum Synthesizer redefines the concept of drum synthesis offering both great sounds and unrivalled tweakability and playability.

The Clavia Nord Drum offers an impressively wide range of sounds from retro analogue drum sounds to richer and harmonically complex waves to create stunning organic sounds. Without the need for samples the Nord Drum offers everything needed to programme sublime drum sounds and is about to change the perception of what’s possible with synthetic sounds.

Designed for the performing musician, the Nord Drum features four high-sensitivity inputs and can be triggered by a wide range of electronic drum pads and/or acoustic triggers offering an ultra-fast triggering detection and huge dynamic range for the added feeling of a real instrument. The Nord Drum can also be triggered by MIDI Pads and sequencers to integrate in any production or drum kit setup.

Nord Drum features

  • High tweakability with extensive sound shaping controls.
  • Extensive editing controls.
  • Cool retro analogue sounds or stunning, harmonically rich organic sounds.
  • Ultra fast triggering detection and high dynamic range.
  • 4 High sensitivity trigger inputs with Trigger level control.
  • MIDI In/Out.
  • Lightweight and robust aluminium chassis.

The Nord Drum will be shown at the AM&S Nord Booth #6464 at NAMM Show 2012.

More information: Nord Drum


Soundcells releases Nordic Red – the ambient ReFill

Soundcells has released Nordic Red, an ambient ReFill for Propellerhead Reason.

Soundcells Nordic Red

Nordic Red is based on samples from the ever popular Nord Modular G2X synthesizer.

Besides unlimited possibilties of creating a wide range of individual sounds – from 80‘s retro sounds to modern club patches, emulations of acoustic instruments to a world of sounds that never have delivered before – the main feature of this version of Nordic Red are the G2‘s “self-playing” patches, called ‘Noodles‘.

Whether you are playing ‘one-finger sessions” or rearranging the Noodles in any way you like – you will always find yourself surprised by stunning new sound textures. By using Reason‘s fantastic timestretch algorithm (loading the waves as audio files), all samples can be tweaked further, diving deeper into the recordings, bouncing preferred parts and coming up with even more brilliant ambient gems…

Nordic Red features

  • 20 marvellous combinator patches.
  • 35 NNXT patches containing the basic patches which were used to build the combinators.
  • 24 recordings (up to 1.30 minutes per sample) from the Nord Modular G2X, 305 MB uncompressed.
  • Great for all styles of music where deep atmosphere is desired.
  • All samples are included into this download in Wave format – ready to use in any other DAW.

The Nordic Red ReFill is a free download.

More information: Soundcells / Nordic Red


Voltage Disciple Volt 80, drumrack pack for Ableton Live

Voltage Disciple Volt 80

Voltage Disciple has announced the release of VOLT 80, its third drumrack pack for Ableton Live.

We have built these racks from four unique synths. The Roland CMU-800 and SH-101. Sequential Circuits PRO ONE and The NORD MODULAR.

Each sample in the kit is 24bit and has been meticulously edited, layered and shaped in Wave Editor for a precision sound. Each drum sound has its own macro controls to further vary and shape the sound to taste. The kits also contain macro controls for subtle reverb,drive and heavy NewYork style compression. Some drum sounds use CORPUS to enhance the depth of the sound. The sounds are crisp, clean and solid and will punch through the mix. The pack also contains 40 midi clips to help you get started with these great sounds.

Volt 80 for Live/Suite 8.2.1 or higher is available to purchase as an instant download for $10 AUD.

More information: Voltage Disciple / Volt 80