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Pettinhouse releases free DirectGuitar Mute&Slap for Kontakt

Pettinhouse DirectGuitar 3.0

Pettinhouse has announced the release of DirectGuitar Mute&Slap, a free instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt taken from the DirectGuitar 3.0 library.

It is made for playing muted guitar grooves combined with slap notes. For Funky, great also for rock, in fact you can play powerchords with a bit of distortion, it sounds great.
You can combine muted passages with slapped notes just by playing harder on your keyboard in order to introduce a slapped note.

The amp and the FX section is full activated. You can use the distortion, the EQ, Reverb, Delay, Phaser, play notes with Wah Wah effect moving up and down your modulation wheel.

The library is a free download from Pettinhouse. Requires full version of Kontakt.

More information: Pettinhouse / DirectGuitar Mute&Slap


Pettinhouse launches 24 Hour Sale on sample libraries

Pettinhouse has announced a 24 Hour Sale, offering its products for $49 USD each for a limited time.

Pettinhouse 24-hour sale

Hi, my name is Andrea and I’m a sound designer who creates guitar bass and drum sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

My products are the perfect solution for producers, songwriters and soundtrack composers, especially where there is a need or speed of production.

The sale ends June 13th, 2014, 2pm CET.

More information: Pettinhouse


Pettinhouse releases FunkyGuitar 2.0 for Kontakt

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Pettinhouse has announced FunkyGuitar 2.0, an innovative Stratocaster guitar sample library for Kontakt.

Pettinhouse Funky Guitar 2.0

FunkyGuitar 2.0 was made for playing Funky Guitar Riffs.

1,15GB of library with automatic strummer with patterns and 15 Funky Guitar Chords, chord variations, Sliding chords, Strum noises, Free chords and Muted notes.

It has a built-in Amp simulator, Wah, Distortion, EQ, Reverb, Delay and Phaser.
You can also play it DRY with your favorite amp simulator.

The library is available for purchase for $99 USD. Requires Kontakt 3 or higher, full version (Kontakt Player not supported).

More information: Pettinhouse / FunkyGuitar 2.0


40% off Pettinhouse Acoustic Guitar at VST Buzz

Pettinhouse Acoustic Guitar

VST Buzz has launched a limited time discount on the Pettinhouse Acoustic Guitar virtual instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Acoustic Guitar 2.0 is a huge 5GB acoustic guitar library for NI Kontakt by Pettinhouse. This incredibly realistic and playable acoustic guitar library includes both strummed, fingered and picked patches along with every articulation you could possibly think of (its insane!).

The library also includes an equalizer, effects, and a HUGE range of articulations (slides, hammer-ons, palm mute, harmonics, up strokes, down strokes, trills, stopped notes, release noises, fret noises, hand noises, strum noises). Check out the video and demos to see just how good this beast is! Full version of Kontakt required (not compatible with free player).

The library is available to purchase from VST Buzz for $59 USD until December 31st, 2013.

More information: VST Buzz


Pettinhouse releases AcousticGuitar 2.0 for Kontakt

Pettinhouse AcousticGuitar

Pettinhouse has announced the release of AcousticGuitar 2.0, an innovative guitar sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

5Gb of samples at 24bit 96Khz, full sustain, natural decay, Alternate picking and articulations.

3 patches: Fingered, Picked and the new Automatic strum patterns with 1.6Gb of new samples with lots of articulations, 12 Strings and more.

Changes in AcousticGuitar v2.0

  • Graphic user interface (GUI).
  • Equalizator with BASS, MID, HIGH and DRY button.
  • Effects: Delay, Reverb, Phaser.
  • 12 Strings Guitar.
  • New Strum patch with automatic strummer without chord recognition.
  • Stereo button simulates the double track guitar effect.
  • Speed knob to change the speed of the articulations.
  • Noises: knocks, several hits on the body of the guitar, Strum noises.
  • Improved intonation volumes, layers and mapping.
  • Guide on board with the map of the key switches, Tips&Tricks, Basic Guitar chords.

AcousticGuitar 2.0 is available to purchase for $99 USD. The upgrade for AcousticGuitar 1.0 owners is $49 USD.

More information: Pettinhouse / AcousticGuitar


Pettinhouse releases free RockLoops sound library

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Pettinhouse has announced the release of RockLoops, a free collection of rock guitar loops.

RockLoops is a library of Rock guitar loops. It contains amped and dry samples to use them with your favorite amp simulator.

Arpeggios, Licks, Riffs, Strums, Power chords, Styles, Noises. Some of them are recorded in different keys.

100 and 120 BPM.

The 1.4 GB library (.wav) is available to download at no cost.

More information: Pettinhouse / RockLoops


Pettinhouse releases Powerchords sample library

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Pettinhouse Powerchords

Pettinhouse has released Powerchords, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Powerchords is an innovative Guitar Power Chords sample library for Kontakt 3, 4, 5 and future versions (NO Kontakt player) available for download.

It is made with samples recording a Stratocaster Guitar and it is made for playing automatic power chords. It has pre made patterns for Rock, Blues, Metal, Pop which you can edit or create new from scratch. It has a built-in Amp simulator with Wah, Distortion, EQ, Reverb, Delay and Phaser.
You can also play it DRY with your favorite amp simulator.

Powerchords doesn’t have any chord recognition. You are free to play what you want. One note, two, random notes, doesn’t matter it strums all the keys you press on your keyboard.

The sample library costs $69 USD.

More information: Pettinhouse / Powerchords