ProjectSAM updates Symphobia and Orchestral Brass Classic to v1.1

ProjectSAM has released version 1.1 of Symphobia and Orchestral Brass Classic, two virtual instruments powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player. Changes in Symphobia v1.1 New articulation: fast attack ensemble strings mf/ff (modwheel control). New articulation: … read more

Review: Native Instruments True Strike Tension

Native Instruments‘ True Strike Tension is the latest in the ever growing collection of KORE SoundPacks. This new expansion brings a collection of percussive sounds for cinematic scores to KORE. The title of this SoundPack … read more

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Native Instruments releases True Strike Tension

Native Instruments has released True Strike Tension, a new KORE SoundPack featuring percussive, suspenseful sounds for cinematic scores. TRUE STRIKE TENSION offers 1 GB of unique sounds that add a powerful “Hollywood impact” to the … read more

Time+Space now shipping ProjectSAM Symphobia

Time+Space is now shipping ProjectSAM Symphobia, an orchestral sample library powered by Kontakt 2 Player. SYMPHOBIA is everything you have been missing in your orchestral palette – immersive ensemble multi-samples attained by true ensemble recordings … read more

Time+Space announces ProjectSAM Symphobia contest

Time+Space has launched a new contest where you could win a copy of ProjectSAM Symphobia, an eagerly anticipated collection with everything you’ve been missing in your orchestral palette. Immersive ensemble multi-samples attained by true ensemble … read more

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TASCAM releases GigaStudio 4

TASCAM has released GigaStudio 4, a high-end sampling workstation for Windows PC. Hundreds of enhancements have been made from GigaStudio 3, TASCAM’s previous TEC Award-Winning sampling workstation, such as an all-new QuickSound database tool, additions … read more

TASCAM announces GVI 4

TASCAM has announced GVI 4 (Giga Virtual Instrument), a powerful sampler instrument. One instance supports 16 channels of MIDI playback. Add as many instances of GVI as your computer can handle for 16 more MIDI … read more