Zenhiser releases Acid House Drum Sounds

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Zenhiser Acid House Drum Sounds

Zenhiser has launched Acid House Drum Sounds, a collection of 330+ drum sounds for Acid House music production.

Retro drum sounds are all the rage at the moment so what else could we do but bring you another storming collection of late 80’s / 90’s drum samples. Acid House Drum Sounds is much more than the name suggests, it covers mainly the UK Warehouse Rave scene from the late 80’s Acid House phenomena through to the early 90’s white dove epidemic which hit clubs and raves from London to Scotland.

Comprising of over 330 drum sounds from the classic era this is a sample pack no producer should be without. Whether you remember the Fantasia raves, Dreamscape parties or are too young to have been there this was a monumental moment in clubbing culture and we’re not surprised the drum sounds are finally doing the rounds again.

The sample pack costs $25 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Acid House Drum Sounds


Zenhiser Oldskool Rave Stabs Reworked sample pack released

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Zenhiser Oldskool Rave Stabs Reworked

Zenhiser has introduced its Oldskool Rave Stabs Reworked sample pack, featuring a collection of 230 oldskool hardcore sounds reworked and ready for today’s music productions.

Calling all oldskool crew and nuskool producers. It’s happened, the classic oldskool rave sound is being revamped and Zenhiser’s at the forefront.

‘Oldskool Rave Stabs Reworked’ is just as the name suggests, we sat down with our old Zenhiser rave packs and starting a manipulation and transformation process to deliver a collection of 230 rave stabs that will lift your music productions to a whole new level.

Now you have an arsenal of stabs sounds that capture the essence of the oldskool rave scene that spread through England in the early 90’s.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $25 AUD.

More information: Zenhiser / Oldskool Rave Stabs Reworked


Prime Loops releases Ravestep sample pack

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Prime Loops Ravestep

Prime Loops has released Ravestep, a sample library featuring 300 high-energy Ravestep samples by Bong-Ra.

This insane collection of pumped-up kicks, beats, breaks, synths and basslines locked at 140-142bpm is set to cause multiple adrenaline rushes at the same time! Prime Loops’ latest “Ravestep” adventure is the aural equivalent of a notorious Troma shlock horror VHS tape: Ridiculously grimy, done in extra-bright colours, and most of all: wicked, hellish fun!

“Ravestep” delivers the ultimate energy boost to make your audience go absolutely bonkers, whether you’re booked to rock a broken-down warehouse running on nicked electricity or set to invade some hyped-up über-club with kids waving their glowsticks like crazy: This jam-packed power station will enable you to cause some permanent damage! Inside you will find over 300 mb of stomach-wrenching sounds and loops that are comin’ right at ya, already formatted for all major music machinery at supreme 24-bit quality and – as usual – 100% royalty free.

Ravestep is currently available to purchase for £14.96 GBP as part of the Big Drop sale (regular £19.95 GBP).

More information: Prime Loops / Ravestep


Time+Space introduces Digital Redux A-Class Series

Digital Redux A-Class Series

The A-Class Series sample libraries by Digital Redux are now available from Time+Space.

Digital Redux is a sample library development company from New York City, formed to provide high quaility royalty free sample material to the new generation of producers, musicians and recording artists.

The A-Class Series includes:

  1. Hip Hop Hotness, created for the
    serious Hip Hop producers who are looking for that multi platinum selling Hip Hop sound.
  2. DnB 4 The Headz, a proper Drum & Bass Sample Pack. The full circumference from ‘Smash up the club’ Dancefloor Beatz, through to the Liquid Vibes. Made for the Headz.
  3. Properly Chilled, a Properly Chilled out, Leftfield and Downbeat Sample Library Encompassing all Chillout, Lounge, Downtempo, Ambient and Crate Diggin Downtempo Stylez!
  4. Hac!enda House, a late 80’s House and UK Rave Music Sample Library. From the ‘Trax’ of Chicago, To the warehouses of the UK, To the clubs of Ibiza.
  5. Electrotech, the ultimate Electro Techno fusion Sample Pack. Encompassing styles from the Leftfield, to the indie, to the club Dancefloor.

The A-Class Series libraries cost £ 20 GBP each ($40 USD). Digital Redux also have a range of downloadable sample packs which are available now and are based on their physical libraries. Each download contains 100-150MB of content and they are priced at just £6.95 each.

Visit Time+Space for more information.