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reFX releases Freakz On Beatz Vol.3 by Vengeance

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Vengeance Freakz On Beatz Vol.3

reFX has announced the release of Freakz On Beatz Vol.3, a new sample pack by Vengeance.

Vengeance Freakz On Beatz is back with more than 2100 awesome minimal samples, an incredible source of sounds and inspiration!

Created by leading German minimal house artists including Pascal Feos, Andreas Mugge, Gabriel Le Mar and Frank Leichner, this pack has 750 oneshots (drums, fx, synths) and more than 1350 elaborate Minimal / House loops.

Drum loops, construction kits, fx loops, synth loops, a real TB303, sub bass / percussion loops… basically, if you are into cool, grown-up EDM music, you can’t afford to miss this! Producers of commercial EDM will love these fresh, unique sounds.

The sample pack is available for purchase for 85 EUR.

More information: reFX / Freakz On Beatz Vol.3


reFX releases Future Arps 4 for Nexus2

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reFX Future Arps 4

reFX has launched Future Arps 4, a new collection of presets for the Nexus2 virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

Future Arps 4 brings the very best of Complextro, Dubstep, EDM, and Electro-House arps and sequences together over 128 presets of the finest tools.

These inspiring arps are fully customizable to your needs. Add some hot drumbeats, tonal kicks, complex sequences, screaming leads, and aggressive wobbles to your bag of tricks!

The expansion is available for purchase from reFX, priced at 55 EUR.

More information: reFX / Future Arps 4


reFX releases Hollywood Synth Edition for Nexus2 & Sylenth Trilogy Vol.7 (DJ THT Signature)

reFX has announced the release of Hollywood Synth Edition, a new expansion library for the Nexus2 virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

Hollywood is back with another gem. Adrenalin-driven action arps, thrilling drum sequences, mysterious spheres, and beautiful epic sounds are featured among the 132 synthetic generated blockbuster sounds.

Inspired by movies such as Tron, Blade Runner, and Oblivion; indispensable for modern Hollywood productions.

The expansion pack is available to purchase for 55 EUR.

Hollywood Synth Edition requires the latest version of Nexus2, version 2.6.0, which contains various improvements and bug fixes.

Changes in Nexus2 v2.6.0

  • OSX AAX 32-bit version would sometimes crash when the GUI was closed.
  • After preset load, sometimes the first note played would cause an audible crackle/pop.
  • Loading a preset while audio was playing would also sometimes cause an audible crackle/pop.
  • Minor fixes and improvements.

reFX has also announced Sylenth Trilogy Vol.7 (DJ THT Signature), a new Vengeance soundset for the Sylenth1 synthesizer instrument by Lennar Digital.

Boom, here it is! With 64 new Dance, HandsUp, and Hardstyle presets, Vengeance Soundset Sylenth Trilogy Vol.7 has everything you need.

Designed by genre specialist DJ THT, this new signature soundset contains everything you love about HandsUp: soaring leads, phat chords, wide pads, rising effects, massive bass lines, and tiny little plucked sounds. Are you ready to party? Then let’s party on!

The soundset costs 30 EUR.

More information: reFX


reFX releases Vengeance Dirty Electro Vol.3

Vengeance Dirty Electro Vol 3

reFX has introduced Vengeance Dirty Electro Vol.3, a new sample pack featuring an ultra-heavy arsenal for creating head-banging club music.

More devastating than ever with 40 club-smashing construction kits waiting to be discovered. For your convenience, all the oneshots have been organized into their own separate folder.

Styles covered by this expansion include Complextro, Dubstep, Dirty Dutch, Bigroom, Festival, and Electrohouse. Don’t waste your time with other weak libraries – get the original. This is the real Dirty Electro!

The sample pack is available to purchase for 79 EUR.

More information: reFX / Dirty Electro Vol.3


reFX releases Electro House Leads expansion for Nexus2

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reFX Electro House Leads

reFX has announced Electro House Leads, a new Nexus2 expansion library.

The Pure Leads expansion series continues! Following after HandsUp Leads and Trance Leads – now, get ready for Electro House Leads with 150 leads, lead-basses and arps/SQs. With recreations of famous and classic leads, this is your ticket for creating the hottest club smashers of all time, don’t miss it!

And as a special New Years gift, we’re giving this expansion to all customers who purchased the Nexus2 complete bundle during our currently ongoing Christmas Sale – FREE! If you purchased the complete bundle during our current Christmas Sale, please log into your account, and submit a support ticket.

The expansion costs 55 EUR. It is currently available for 45 EUR as part of the extended Christmas Sale, which offers discounts of up to 50% for a limited time.

More information: reFX


Nexus Republic releases Zen Electro for Nexus 2

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Nexus Republic Zen Electro

Nexus Republic has announced Zen Electro, a soundset featuring 64 sounds for the Nexus 2 virtual instrument by reFX.

Nexus Republic has released Zen Electro, a sound expansion of 64 new sounds for the reFX Nexus 2 synthesizer aimed for modern dance music with mellow and melodic edge.

No doubt pumping basslines and fidgety leads is what are driving the dancefloor, but sometimes you just want to kick back and enjoy yourself on a fluffy cloud of mellowness. That’s what Zen Electro is about. Mellow plucks, leads, pad, and basses.

Zen Electro is a collection that is only using the Nexus 2 factory waveforms. No expansions are required.

The soundset is available to purchase for 6.90 EUR.

More information: Nexus Republic / Zen Electro


reFX releases Hollywood 2 Expansion Bundle for Nexus2

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reFX has launched Hollywood 2, an expansion bundle for the Nexus2 virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

With over two years in development, these Hollywood 2 expansions are the biggest we have ever created. You can hear the quality, love, and passion that went into them with every note you play!

This bundle contains a complete orchestra and far more: All four Hollywood2 libraries (Core Library, Drums / Orch FX, Strings, Woodwinds / Brass) spread over 369 presets and more than 8 GB of data await you for an unbeateable price.

The bundle is available to purchase for 249 EUR. A purchase of the bundle before December 1st, 2013, comes with a free Nexus2 expansion of your choice. The expansions are sold individually for 79 EUR each.

More information: reFX / Hollywood 2