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Short links for November 13th, 2009

Christian Marclay album cover art

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Even retro record covers can be used to create something amazing

There are those who will throw away their old record covers but there are those that will use them to create some mind blowing artistic stuff.

One of them is definitely Christian Marclay, a New York visual artist, DJ and composer who used record covers of Michael Jackson , Doors, Donna Summer, David Bowie and many others for this piece of art. The relationship of sound, vision, music, art and performance is the focus of his work.

More on Christian Marclay

# Waveformless: Free Sample Friday: Pro One Synthetic Percussion

More samples at Tom Shear’s Waveformless blog:

It's hard to believe another weekend is upon us, but it is, so here are some more free samples to get your weekend off to a good start. This time, it's a set of 21 24-bit synthetic percussion sounds I made on my Sequential Pro One

DIY Sound System with garbage cans

# Two Garbage Cans and a Microphone

Rock the party with this DIY sound system.

Peter Kirn writes:

Say you’re an up-and-coming crew with a turntable and some mics. You’ve got a gig this Friday at the middle school gym (the janitor has been bribed appropriately) and the boys on the corner have been passing out your flyers to all the lovely ladies. Everything’s set, except you heard that Kool Herc is coming to battle. Herc and his mighty sound system schooled you last go-round, so you know you need something fresh to rock the bodies proper. Your DIY solution? The 55-gallon drum sound system.

# Tape Pianos Sample Pack

The Control Centre has posted a sample pack features 38 piano samples in 44k 16 bit mono format.

This samplepack contains 3 pianos I recorded to tape in 1998. A Baby Grand, a Fender Rhodes and an old upright a friend of mine had in her back kitchen. I recorded the pianos using a Tascam 244 Cassette Portastudio and a Shure SM58 microphone. The Fender Rhodes was recorded to tape directly from it's line output. The recordings were then sampled using a Yamaha A3000 sampler.

I recently exported the samples from the A3000 sampler to my laptop computer via floppy disk, and then imported them into Ableton Live's Sampler. To save each piano into your Live Library, load the project, then save each sampler as a preset inside Sampler's preset browser. Live will copy the samples to your library automatically.

If you don't have Live 8 and Sampler, you can still use the samples to recreate these pianos in your choice of software.

Kontakt, Wusikstation, and Mutools available here

# The Octapult (YouTube)

The "Octapult" is a kinetic sculpture designed and built on commission by Bradley N. Litwin of Philadelphia, PA. With 8 synchronized catapults, 160 plastic balls per minute are launched, caught, and recirculated. Made mostly of wood, the work is ~36 inches in diameter. On permanent display in the lobby of Lower Merion Elementary School, Merion Station, PA. Also a performing jazz musician, more of Litwin's work may be seen and heard at

# XeroWorld

XEROWorld is the next phase in the evolution of online arts & entertainment — a totally new and unique web destination that seamlessly integrates social networking, interactive events, magazine style-news, and online malls.

Yaktronix Electronically Modified Didgeridoo

# Yaktronix: Electronically Modified Didgeridoo

Kyle Evans modified a didgeridoo to experiment in the combination of the organic sound qualities of a didgeridoo with the advanced signal processing capabilities of modern computer programming and sound synthesis.
He writes:

This custom built didgeridoo features externally mounted modules that allow the performer to process and manipulate the sound of the instrument in real time. All control data is transmitted wirelessly via blue tooth and is controlling several audio processes created in a custom-built software environment.

# Review: Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn Sync

Tom Shear reviews AdrenaLinn Sync, a new software plug-in from Roger Linn Design that provides the same unique beat-synced filter modulation and sequencing effects of our AdrenaLinn III guitar pedal.

Cyrille Arndt DIY Arduino-based MIDI controller

# DIY Arduino-based MIDI controller

Cyrille Arndt’s DIY, standalone Arduino-based, MIDI control surface work-in-progress.

Current features:

  • Heartbeat
  • On-the-fly generated labels from csv files.
  • Limiters (with capability of inversing the range).
  • Every function of the faders and pads is customisable from the desktop software.
  • Different states for the pads (currently on/off or moment).
  • In the desktop software: Selecting the MIDI port (for example for routing over another software).
  • MIDI channel.
  • 6 presets (more possible).
  • RGB pads can be controlled from software like Live to be switched on/off or blinking.
  • Presets also concern the pads.
  • Auto-switch to generated labels if the software is running.
  • New! The buttons above the faders can have different functions : Notes (triggering clip for example), quick change of the function of the fader, preset switching.
  • New! Presets also concern the limiters.
  • New! The bottom buttons can change the preset or the bank (useful in Ableton Live).
  • New! USB port for adding USB connectivity: allows to program it easily and use USB instead of MIDI in cases where it’s necessary.

# Live Music Makers Ask: How Can We Get in Sync?

Peter Kirn writes:

Synchronization is, by definition, a tough thing to do. But musical engineering is replete with challenges; it’s no longer acceptable to simply say “live with it” and walk away. It seems we need both better shared knowledge about what sync is how to make it work, and better engineering solutions on the software and protocols side to support the way users want to work. And yes, we need a new sync standard that goes beyond what’s presently available in MIDI alone

Bleep Labs Thingamagoop 2

# Bleep Labs » Thingamagoop 2 is here!

New in Thingamagoop 2:

  • Analog VCO controlled by analog or digital signal from Arduino. (A separate Arduino board is not required)
  • Sample and hold, Arpeggios, noise, and bit crush effects with open source code so you can program your own sounds!
  • All the analog sounds of the original Thingamagoop.
  • Controllable LEDacle – Ramp and random waveforms with rate control.
  • New modulators – Square wave amplitude modulator and triangle wave pulse width modulator.
  • Tough, stomp box type body with silk screened graphics in 3 different styles.
  • Easy to access battery – No more screws!
  • Much fuller and louder speaker.
  • CV in and out.
  • Arduino Programmer jack. Easily hook an Ardunio board up to the Thingamagoop 2.
  • Kit now comes with a pre-drilled enclosure.
  • Still assembled in Austin, Texas by Dr. Bleep and friends.

# Tunited

Tunited is a groundbreaking new independent music website which will assist new and independent artists and labels gain increased exposure, challenging the flagging music business’ growing reluctance to invest in this exciting area.

The top 100 artists will upload their music catalogue onto the website prior to launch; it will then be made available to the press and music industry for showcasing before the site goes live.

To become a profile artist, please click on the button below to enter your details and upload your track before midnight on 11.12.09. Your music will be judged by Tunited's panel of experts including Midge Ure OBE.

Nerdkits DIY marquee LED array display

# Voice2LED Project

Josh made a LED sign which displays voicemails from his Google Voice account.

I made the LED sign following instructions from this tutorial on The hardware is some LED’s, a nerdkit, a piece of cardboard and a bit of wire that I got from some Cat 5 cable laying around. I cut out the cardboard and printed a grid to help me lay out the LED’s. I think mine were 1 cm apart. The soldering took forever and it was the first real time I did any soldering so it looks kinda crappy. Oh well. It works. The sign itself is powered by a 9 volt battery and receives data from my laptop through the serial port via a USB adapter. All that stuff was included in the Nerdkit when I bought it. The microcontroller is running code from the tutorial I mentioned earlier. One of these days I’m going to make an enclosure for this thing.

# little-scale: FM is for the PEOPLE – VOL. 1 – Out Now!

Sebastian writes:

Compiled by notorious OPL buff , Oxygenstar, this release serves up a healthy dose of frequency modulation synthesis which varies nicely in both style and technique.


Roger Linn Design releases AdrenaLinn Sync

Roger Linn Design has released AdrenaLinn Sync, a new software plug-in that provides the same unique beat-synced filter modulation and sequencing effects of the AdrenaLinn III guitar pedal.

Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn Sync
Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn Sync

AdrenaLinn Sync features

  • More Control — More parameters to fine-tune your filter modulation and filter sequencing effects.
  • More Randomness — Random sequence generation, random LFO amplitude, plus variable probability of randomly-generated notes or envelope firing.
  • More Swing — In additional to half or full swing timing for sequenced notes, you also get on randomly-generated notes.
  • Noise source for Self-Generated Noise Beats — Use noise with the sequencer to create synthesized drumbeats, or to excite resonant filters into self-oscillation.
  • 2 Simultaneous Modulation Paths — Separately route LFO & Sequencer, or Sequencer Level & Sequencer Envelope, to individual levels of filter frequency, volume and pan modualtion.
  • Full Stereo Signal Path — Maintain full stereo from input to output.
  • Self-generating sequences — Increase resonance to full for self-oscillating filter or flanger, then use the Sequencer for random or looped self-generating note sequences.
  • Musical Scale Constraints — Snap the LFO or Sequencer modulation signals chromatic, major, minor, pentatonic, blues, whole tone, diminished or seven other musical scales.
  • Tube-Modeled Distortion — A very warm and smooth distortion with pre-hipass and post-lowpass filters.
  • Stereo phaser — A rich, 4-stage stereo phaser.
  • 10 Second Stereo Delay with Ping Pong — Makes your beat-synced delays and delay loops more useful. Delay loops as long as 8 bars in length (up to 10 seconds).
  • Clean & Simple User Interface — Clearly shows signal flow and modulation routing.
  • 128 Great Presets — Includes all of AdrenaLinn III sequenced, random and modulation presets, plus some new self-generating pitched sequences and noise drumbeats.

AdrenaLinn Sync comes in a single format that works for VST, AU and RTAS formats. It is currently available only for Mac OSX, with a Windows version coming soon. It is available to purchase for $99 USD.

More information: Roger Linn Design / AdrenaLinn Sync


Review: Goldbaby’s The Tape 808, MPC60 Vol.1 (TR), MPC60 Vol.2 (Vinyl), and Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks

Goldbaby Productions is a relatively new name, but since their first sample library — released in June 2007, the Goldbaby product catalog has grown to 5 titles, and it has built quite a following already.

One does not have to look far to get some decent drum samples for free, so what’s so special about Goldbaby’s products?

The formula seems simple: quality content for a reasonable price.

The Tape 808

Goldbaby Productions The Tape 808

Let’s take a look at The Tape 808, a library of — you guessed it, samples from the ever popular Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer drum machine.

This library features 407 samples from two 808 machines, recorded into an Ampex 351 1/2″ valve 2 track tape machine. Can you spell vintage?

And vintage does not mean these samples are bad quality either… The wav files are all in 24-bit format.

I made a little drum loop with the Tape 808 samples, and compared them to some random 808 samples I found on my computer. Can you guess which one is which?

Goldbaby 01 | Goldbaby 02

The beauty of The Tape 808 is that the samples sound very clean, unlike many of the samples you’ll find online (which may have all sorts of processing done to them already). The tape compression and saturation samples also sound absolutely lovely.

Starting at just $19 USD for the .wav version of The Tape 808, this package is a must have if you’re looking for 808 sounds (unless you can get your hands on a real machine maybe). Refill, Guru, iDrum, and Battery versions are available for $24 USD.

MPC60 Vol.1 (TR) and MPC60 Vol.2 (Vinyl)

Goldbaby Productions MPC60 libraries

Akai’s MPC60 (released in 1988) is a drum machine developed in collaboration with Roger Linn. Like Linn’s earlier drum machines, the MPC60 combines MIDI sequencing and audio sampling. It became huge in the Hip hop and RnB scene, and still continues to be a popular vintage sampler today.

Although the MPC60 is a 16 bit machine, it stores samples in 12-bit format. Its sound is described as warm and punchy.

Goldbaby’s MPC libraries have been sampled with a MPC60II, which is similar to the MPC60 but adds a headphone output and replaces the metal chassis for a plastic one. The sound is identical.

MPC60 Vol.1 features 541 samples (24-bit) of Roland TR machines. The 808, 909, 606, 626, 33, 66, 77, 707, 727, and 505 are all there.

MPC60 Vol.2 takes samples from another sound source, much loved by Hip hop artists: Vinyl. MPC60 Vol.2 includes 466 samples of kicks, snares, hihats, cymbals, toms, percussion, and stabs & fx; all you need to create beats that sound just right.

The added value of the MPC60 libraries is obviously that the sounds were sampled on a MPC60 machine. If you think you already have all these TR sounds, and you don’t need any sampled vinyl hits, just have a listen on the MPC60 product page and see how you like the sound of Goldbaby’s samples.

Both MPC60 libraries are available as a .wav Sample Pack for $19 USD. For $24 USD each you can get the Refill, Guru, iDrum, and Battery versions, which include the same sample content, and additional drum kits and drum patterns in the software’s format.

Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks

Goldbaby Productions Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks

Goldbaby’s Hugo has collected home keyboard from places like eBay, second hand stores, and garage sales for years. His collection includes the Casio SK-1, Casio VL-Tone, Farfisa Matador, and many more.

With Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks, you can have the sounds of this big collection of home keyboards at your fingertips.

VHKB includes 366 samples of drum sounds of the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s home keyboards. Some of these keyboards were recorded through their own speakers to give them a true lo-fi sound.

Have you ever heard the Amen break played with these vintage sounds? Check the VHKB page for some great audio demos.

Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks is available as a .wav Sample Pack (including 54 Rex files) for $10 USD, while a Guru version costs $15 USD. The Guru version also includes the Rex files, and has an additional 10 bundles, 12 kits, and 73 patterns.

So what do I think?

Goldbaby’s samples are simply great. Do you need them? Perhaps not, you might already have a lot of these kind of sounds… But if you care about quality, you should definitely check these products. The samples are outstanding, and… the price is right!

More information: Goldbaby Productions


Roger Linn releases AdrenaLinn III

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Roger Linn AdrenaLinn III

Roger Linn has released AdrenaLinn III, a beat-synced filter effects processor for guitar.

AdrenaLinn III’s Beat-Synched Filter Modulation effects give you the classic modulation effects you know and love like tremolo, flanging, filter sweeps, vibrato, rotary speaker and auto-pan, but moving in perfect synch to its drumbeats or MIDI clock.

New in AdrenaLinn III

  • 40 amp models, all enhanced for accuracy, presence and improved tube saturation
  • Stereo reverb
  • Compression
  • Tuner
  • User presets increased to 200 & filled with great new sounds
  • User drumbeats increased to 200 & filled with great new beats
  • Right foot switch is now named EFFECT and may be assigned per-preset to enable any specific effect or combination. Functions of both foot switches may be reassigned
  • Greatly enhanced MIDI pedalboard control: up to 10 MIDI footswitches and 2 MIDI expression pedals may be assigned to control nearly all internal settings and commands
  • A variable Amp Drive Boost has been added, actuated by panel or MIDI foot switches
  • Stereo width of modulation effects and delay are now adjustable
  • Envelope attack & decay times are now adjustable for random filter & random tremolo effects
  • Four new Modulation Effects are added: Auto Pan, Wah Pedal, Fixed Filter and Sci-Fi
  • Simple guitar amp distortion now exists for drumbeats, independent of guitar amp models
  • Internal drums may be triggered from MIDI
  • Variable- frequency lowpass filters have been added to output of amp models, delay & drumbeats
  • Improved drum sounds
  • Noise gate is improved to be virtually unnoticeable

AdrenaLinn III retails in US stores for US$499. You can buy it from the Roger Linn online store for US$375.

Visit the AdrenaLinn III product page for more information.