Roger Linn AdrenaLinn III

Roger Linn has released AdrenaLinn III, a beat-synced filter effects processor for guitar.

AdrenaLinn III’s Beat-Synched Filter Modulation effects give you the classic modulation effects you know and love like tremolo, flanging, filter sweeps, vibrato, rotary speaker and auto-pan, but moving in perfect synch to its drumbeats or MIDI clock.

New in AdrenaLinn III

  • 40 amp models, all enhanced for accuracy, presence and improved tube saturation.
  • Stereo reverb.
  • Compression.
  • Tuner.
  • User presets increased to 200 & filled with great new sounds.
  • User drumbeats increased to 200 & filled with great new beats.
  • Right foot switch is now named EFFECT and may be assigned per-preset to enable any specific effect or combination. Functions of both foot switches may be reassigned.
  • Greatly enhanced MIDI pedalboard control: up to 10 MIDI footswitches and 2 MIDI expression pedals may be assigned to control nearly all internal settings and commands.
  • A variable Amp Drive Boost has been added, actuated by panel or MIDI foot switches.
  • Stereo width of modulation effects and delay are now adjustable.
  • Envelope attack & decay times are now adjustable for random filter & random tremolo effects.
  • Four new Modulation Effects are added: Auto Pan, Wah Pedal, Fixed Filter and Sci-Fi.
  • Simple guitar amp distortion now exists for drumbeats, independent of guitar amp models.
  • Internal drums may be triggered from MIDI.
  • Variable- frequency lowpass filters have been added to output of amp models, delay & drumbeats.
  • Improved drum sounds.
  • Noise gate is improved to be virtually unnoticeable.

AdrenaLinn III retails in US stores for US$499. You can buy it from the Roger Linn online store for US$375.

Visit the AdrenaLinn III product page for more information.