Mu Technologies Mu Voice

Mu Technologies has released Mu Voice, a plug-in which allows you to tune your vocal recordings, apply special effects and add natural sounding harmonies when mixing your track.

Mu Voice key features

  • Intelligent Harmonizing: An “intelligent” harmonizer takes into account the musical context of a piece like chord and scale information. A four track mixer allows to configure the voicing (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th voice) and octave for each channel.
  • Scale / Chord Selection: The chord panel offers a straight-forward interface to select chords. When a given key signature is selected, the diatonic series of chords is displayed.
  • Chord Scheme Editing: Chords can be added to a scheme by pressing the “Insert” button or double clicking them.
  • Mixer: The mixer combines all four track and allows to mute, bypass and pitch shift
  • Tuner: Mu Voice comes with a built-in tuner (Chromatic and Scale) that has a parametric impact (0: no impact, 1: full impact).
  • Channel FX: In addition to the voicing configurator, the gain control and pitch shifter, each track has additional set of FX: Pan, Humanizing, Formants, Filters and Harmonic EQ-ing.
  • Preset Management: To keep the large number of control parameters manageable, all parameters that are not related to the chord scheme can be saved in presets.
  • Full Automation: The progression of chords and presets can be fully automated.
  • XML based file exchange The plug-in state, chord scheme and presets can all be saved in XML.
  • SIMD Optimizations: Mu Voice is highly optimized exploiting special processor instruction sets like SSE for Intel processors and Altivec for PowerPC’s.

Mu Voice is currently available in VST format for Windows and Mac OSX, and costs $199 (instead of normal $259).

A detailed manual, audio demos, RTAS version for Mac and Windows, AU version for Mac, MIDI controls and a standalone version should be coming soon.

Visit Mu Technologies for more information.