Soniccouture Scriptorium Unlocked: Free Kontakt scripts

Soniccouture has released Last Note Aftertouch Pitch Bend, the first in a series of free KSP scripts for Native Instruments Kontakt. The KSP hardcore and Kontakt tweakers out there will know our Scriptorium product well; … read more

Glitchmachines releases Spiral sample pack

Glitchmachines has announced the release of Spiral, a new Macropack series sample pack. SPIRAL is the second installment in our new $9 MACROPACK series. Macropacks are affordable sample packs that feature high quality sound effects … read more

ADSR Sounds intros Making Trap with Massive video tutorial

ADSR Sounds has launched Making Trap with Massive, a Micro Series video tutorial by sound designer Jonny Strinati, who shows how to make various Trap sounds with NI Massive. In this 4 part micro course, … read more

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Audiority releases Abstract Textures SFZ Edition

Audiority has announced the release of Abstract Textures, a new library for both modern music composition and sound design. Abstract Textures is a collection of unique sound sources created by processing sounds captured from both … read more

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ADSR Sounds launches Drum Design in FM8

ADSR Sounds has announced Drum Design in FM8, a micro series video tutorial in which you can learn to design your own kick drums, claps and hats in under an hour. In this 4 part … read more

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Review: Eclipse Sound Zebra Botanica

After a series of soundsets for Native Instruments Absynth and Massive, Polish sound designer Artur from Eclipse Sound Design takes on the Zebra synthesizer by u-he with Zebra Botanica. Ethno-tropical sound set with a gentle … read more

New Atlantis Audio launches special deal on Loop Life eBook — the Insider’s Guide to the Indie Soundware Business

New Atlantis Audio has announced a limited time promotion on the Loop Life eBook guide to indie soundware business, loaded with essential insider info, tips, strategies, and insight to give you the inside track. We … read more

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SoundMorph releases Galactic Assistant sound fx synthesizer

SoundMorph has announced the release of Galactic Assistant, a standalone synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac. Galactic Assistant is the first synthesizer software specifically made for creating hi-tech interface sounds. Developed for sound designers and … read more

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Patchpool launches Summer Group Buy

Patchpool has announced the launch of a Summer Group Buy for its sounds and presets. In this group sale every participant pays the fixed sum of € 40 Euros and chooses from the products available … read more

Sonivox releases Twist 2.0 synthesizer instrument

Sonivox has announced the release of Twist 2.0, the next-generation follow up to the Twist Spectral Morphing Synthesis instrument. Combining a dynamic interface, an advanced pattern generator, and onboard effects, Twist 2.0 provides a complete … read more

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Rhythmic Robot releases Shortwave for Kontakt

Rhythmic Robot has released Shortwave, a synthesizer sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt, based on the sound of shortwave radio transmissions. Shortwave is a chaotic, randomised, unconventional soundscape-generating synthesizer instrument for Native Instrument Kontakt 4/5. … read more

Rob Papen extends limited-edition EDM & Urban bundles + The 4 Element Synth available at student pricing

Rob Papen has announced that the availability of the limited-edition EDM and Urban synth bundles has been extended to the end of June, 2013. These two special bundle packs were created with Urban and Electronic … read more

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The Sound Guy releases SFX Machine Pro 64-bit for Windows

The Sound Guy has announced the release of a 64-bit compatible version of SFX Machine Pro for Windows -the flexible multi-effects and sound design tool will now work with 64-bit VST host programs. SFX Machine … read more

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Prosoniq updates TimeFactory for Mac to v2.5

Prosoniq has updated the TimeFactory time stretching and pitch shifting application for Mac to version 2.5. Prosoniq TimeFactory provides a multitude of professional time stretching and pitch shifting algorithms for sound design, rate (FPS) conversion, … read more

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Bluezone releases Autobots – Transformers Sound Effects

Bluezone Corporation has announced the release of Autobots – Transformers Sound Effects, a new sound library featuring 288 altered mechanical, hydraulic and electric sound effects for video game sound designers, music production and multimedia projects. … read more

Arturia releases Hollywood Essentials expansion for Spark

Arturia has announced the release of Hollywood Essentials, an expansion sound library for the Spark Creative Drum Machine. Spark Hollywood Essentials brings an amazing library of film score tools to the Spark Engine. Designed by … read more

Les Productions Zvon releases Memory Collection Pack 05 – Sci-Fi and Aliens

Les Productions Zvon has released Sci-Fi and Aliens, the 5th Memory Collection series sample pack, featuring a collection of samples from public domain movies. 1 750 samples for a size of 1.44 GB. The samples … read more

AudioGaming releases AudioSteps footstep plugin

AudioGaming has launched AudioSteps, the first audio footstep system available as a plug-in. Based on specific real-time control and ownership of acoustic audio signatures, we produce realistic footstep sounds for most post-production needs. Sound designers … read more

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Rob Papen produces extras for The 4 Element Synth book/DVD set

Rob Papen has announced the release of additional online content for The 4 Element Synth subtractive synthesis instructional book/DVD set. Appropriately subtitled The secrets of subtractive synthesis, this 200-plus-page enlightening tome was many years in … read more

Justin Dolby releases free Smack My Batch Up audio processing application

Justin Dolby has released Smack My Batch Up, a free Max/MSP application for generating new sounds from samples with plugins. Smack My Batch Up is a software tool designed to batch process audio files. A … read more