Audio Plugin Deals is offering a 35% discount on the Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit by Frozen Plain for the next two weeks.

Housed in the Mirage sample-based synthesizer (VST/AU included for free), the Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit takes your cinematic music to another level with instrument samples, atmospheres and sound design.

Create horror scores involving jump scares, ominous instrumentation and eerie atmospheres. Take the listener to otherworldly realms with dream-like atmospheres.

Design the sonic backdrop for a dystopian setting. Or even craft distorted sci-fi action effects. This library is made in collaboration with expert sound designer, Glitchedtones.

Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit features

  • 300 presets, saved as separate mirage-preset files.
  • Mirage sample-based synthesis engine included free.
  • 788 samples playable as ‘oscillators’.
  • 3 layer architecture engine, with envelopes, filters, LFOs and a whole rack of effects.
  • 6 Mirage libraries (closed format mdata file).
  • 1.3GB file download.

Regularly $99.99 USD, the instrument library is only $64.99 USD through September 16th, 2021. A purchase includes $12.99 USD in rewards for use in the APD Shop.

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