AudioGaming updates AudioWind Pro & AudioRain Pro to v1.3

AudioGaming has released version 1.3 of the AudioWind Pro and AudioRain Pro procedural audio plug-ins for creating wind and rain sounds. AudioWind is our revolutionary procedural audio plugin that helps you create the perfect wind … read more

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HISS and a ROAR releases Monkey Vocals sample library

HISS and a ROAR has announced the release of Monkey Vocals, a new sample library featuring the sounds of Macaque monkeys. Creating unique & convincing creature vocals is one of the most difficult challenges, and … read more

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New Sound Lab releases NSL012 Floppy Drives sound library

New Sound Lab has announced NSL012 Floppy Drives, a sound library featuring recordings of seven computer disk drives: two 3.5″ floppy drives, one 5.25″ floppy drive, three Zip drives, and one SuperDisk drive. All drives … read more

No Dough Samples releases FX Sounds & Loops

No Dough Samples has announced FX Sounds & Loops, a sample pack featuring over 1GB of sound fx samples. Our components series just got a whole load more explosive, next up is our meaty collection … read more

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Lesser Vibes releases Urban Russia sound library

Lesser Vibes has launched Urban Russia, a sound library featuring field recordings made in Russia. The Urban Russia sound library offers 118 sound clips recorded in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, Russia. This selection will help you … read more

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Rabbit Ears Audio releases REA015 LA Underground

Rabbit Ears Audio has launched LA Underground, a sound fx sound library featuring a unique collection of Los Angeles ambiences from sound designer and recordist Charles Maynes. REA015 LA Underground is all about grit and … read more

Zenhiser releases Prophet 5 FX sample pack

Zenhiser has launched Prophet 5 FX, a sample pack featuring sound fx samples from the Prophet 5 synthesizer by Sequential Circuits. We love our retro gear here at Zenhiser so it was only a matter … read more

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The Sound Guy releases SFX Machine Pro 64-bit for Mac

The Sound Guy, Inc. has announced the release of a 64-bit upgrade of its SFX Machine Pro software for Mac that lets you create your own effects from scratch. SFX Machine, a flexible multi-effects and … read more

Future Loops launches The Loops Of Fury – Tension Builders & FX Edition

Future Loops releases The Loops Of Fury – Tension Builders & FX Edition, a collection of signature dance FX, Risers & Builders from the electro, techno & rave duo The Loops Of Fury. The Loops … read more

Samplephonics releases Arcade Transitions sample pack

Samplephonics has launched Arcade Transitions, a sample pack featuring a collection of heavy sound effects bloops, 8 Bit sweeps, bleepy impact samples and intricate chiptune style snapshots. Painstakingly designed by our very own sonic scientist … read more

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Freaky Loops releases Selected: Up and Down FX

Freaky Loops has introduced Selected: Up and Down FX, the first title in a new series of sample packs featuring the best loops & samples from all previously released Freaky Loops packs. “Selected Up & … read more

Chuck Russom FX launches Year End Sale – 50% off

Chuck Russom FX has launched a Year End Sale, offering a 50% discount on sound fx libraries for a limited time. It’s the end of the year, and if you are anything like me, you’re … read more

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The Coil releases Remnants free sample pack

The Coil has launched Remnants, a free sample pack of 40 hi-tech sci-fi sounds processed through DSP algorithms and rendered in 24bit/48khz WAV format. As imprints of a machine apocalypse, residue of cyber machines in … read more

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Zenhiser releases Dubstep FX 2 sample pack

Zenhiser has launched Dubstep FX 2, a collection of 240 fx sounds for dubstep music production. Being the second in the series we decided to act on the fx sounds we hear most in Dubstep, … read more

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Loopmasters launches FX Sale – 45% off sound fx sample packs

Loopmasters has launched a 24-hour sale on its sound fx sample libraries. Save a whopping 45% off Loopmasters FX samples – 24 hours only! Hurry! The sale ends December 19th, 2013. More information: Loopmasters / … read more

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Samplephonics releases Household Percussion sound fx pack

Samplephonics has released Household Percussion, a sample pack featuring samples of every day objects including saucepans, keys, kitchen utensils, zips, plastic, paper and more. Sound designer Soundbits spent some time collecting various household objects, bringing … read more

Rabbit Ears Audio releases REA014 Typewriters sound library

Rabbit Ears Audio has launched Typewriters, a sound fx sample library featuring a collection of sampled typewriters. REA014 Typewriters features the sounds of the Smith Corona Classic 12, Smith Corona Sterling, Royal Companion, Olivetti Lettera … read more

Zenhiser releases Movie Stabs sample pack

Zenhiser has launched Movie Stabs, the collection of movie stabs sound fx. It took us months in the studio to create this pack and boy was it worth the wait, 302 perfectly created movie stabs, … read more

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Samplephonics releases Motion FX sample pack

Samplephonics has released Motion FX, a sound fx sample library by Saro Sahihi. Motion FX is the expert creation of sound designer Saro Sahihi from Soundbits. The sample pack contains an essential collection of whooshes, … read more

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Resonance Sound releases Vintage Movie Vocals 2

Resonance Sound has launched Vintage Movie Vocals 2, a sample library featuring vocal phrases and vintage FX samples. Movies & Music – so many people will agree they make an awesome couple. Reshaping the use … read more