rsmus7 releases Darkend Bank for ZebraHZ

rsmus7 Darkend Bank

Stephan Müsch aka rsmus7 has released Darkend Bank, a free collection of 32 patches for ZebraHZ, the software synthesizer that is part of u-he’s Dark Zebra soundset featuring sounds by Howard Scarr and Hans Zimmer.

I made these patches as a „thank you“ contribution the ZebraHZ release. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

All Patches have the modwheel and the XY controls assigned, some also aftertouch.

Just copy the patches to your presets folder.

Stephan has posted some audio clips of single sounds and a demo tune featuring multiple sounds.

Download the Darkend Bank:

Darkend Bank for u-he ZebraHZSize: 733kb

More information: rsmus7 / Dark Zebra


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