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Tweakbench updates all its plug-ins


Tweakbench has released updated versions of all its VST plug-ins.

From the website:

Patience is a virtue, so here’s a little reward. all the plugins have a point release, updating many little things, and keeping things up to date. all of the cycler series, and everything using any granular processes should perform a bit better now, and i’m just a few days away from the newest addition to the family ;)

Changes in these updates

  • All of the cycler series (breakdown, dropout, mashup, sideslip) should all get some bug fixes in regards to timing, and some CC issues.
  • Anything with granular processes (pudding, minerva) should see some increased performance as well.
  • Everything else has just been updated to use the latest external modules, and latest SynthEdit bug fixes to increase compatibility.

Tweakbench plug-ins for Windows PC are free (donations appreciated) and you can download a bundle of all the plug-ins for a donation of $5 USD.

Visit Tweakbench for more information.


Aldo Calpini releases Fatmoo v1.0

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Aldo Calpini Fatmoo v1.0

Aldo Calpini has released version 1.0 of Fatmoo, a freeware VA type synth built with SynthEdit.

Aldo writes:

this is actually more or less a “proof of concept”, and it’s my first experience ever with SynthEdit and with sound design in general. your mileage may vary, of course.

Fatmoo v1. deliberately unusual features

  • Oscillators (2 main + 6 LFO) have variable fatness. They can range from square (approx) to sin (approx) to triangle to “less than triangle” form. The knobs give visual feedback about the current waveform.
  • All the usual parameters (OSC B pitch, cutoff, resonance, etc.) as well as oscillators fatness can be modulated with an LFO and an envelope. There are 6 LFOs and 6 EGs (envelope can also be inverted on parameters), you can mix them as you like.
  • OSC B can modulate OSC A’s fatness (sorta FM, but with a different meaning for “F”, it sounds more like PWM than FM).

Note: Fatmoo is quite CPU hungry and some of the modulation combinations may produce very high and/or low frequencies, so use a limiter or keep the main volume low to protect your equipment/ears.

Fatmoo is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC. The SynthEdit source file is available for download as well.

Check the Fatmoo page for more information and a link to download the synth.


Kip Chatterson updates GenMce to v1.63

Kip Chatterson GenMce v1.63

Kip Chatterson has released version 1.63 of GenMce, a Generic Mackie Control Emulator plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in v1.63

  • Rewind and Fast forward added.
  • Minor GUI adjustments.
  • Manual revised.
  • Command text entered for Ableton Live.

See the changelog for more information.

GenMce v1.63 and GenMceXT v1.62 will be the final versions until SynthEdit is updated.

More information: GenMce


Ninecows releases The Putney v2.0

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Ninecows has released The Putney v2.0, a freeware architectural replica (SynthEdit) of the old Putney by EMS, also known as VCS3 or Synthi A.

From the manual (included in the download):

As the original it is constructed of basic modules connected in a matrix, letting you route sources and control voltages to different destinations. Many module based synths can do that, but the Putney has one remarkable difference: There is no clear distinction between audio and control voltages as sources. For instance; you can let the output of one audio oscillator control the frequency of another, or use the noise generator to control the filters cut-off frequency.
Even though the synth (just as the original) is monophonic, the flexible routing system will let you create a huge variety of different sounds and effects.

Ninecows The Putney 2.0
It actually looks like a Portabella (Synthi A) instead of the Putney.

The Putney v2.0 features

  • Oscilators – Osc 1: Triangle and Sinus shaped wave, Osc 2 & Osc 3: Triangle and Square shaped wave (Osc 3 operates in an approximately 20 times lower frequency range, useful for LFO).
  • Noise generator – produces white noise, which is passed through a filter letting you change the colour of the noise with the colour knob.
  • Filter/Oscillator – signals assigned to the Filter column of the matrix will be summed and send to the filter.
  • Envelope generator – Attack, On, Decay and Off.
  • Trapezoid – control voltage produced by the envelope generator is duplicated and send to the trapezoid module where it can be modified further by adjusting its level or adding/subtracting a DC voltage.
  • Effects – Ring modulator, Reverberation (spring reverb), Delay.
  • Output channels – VU meters and tuner which enables you to tune the oscillators to the standard 440 Hz tuning.
  • The Matrix – Route sources and desitination (also inverting signals).

Note: the plug-in is a VST effect and not a VST instrument, despite its capability to be midi-controlled.

Download The Putney v2.0 here.


Jack Dark releases DarkWare and NOVUZEIT source files

Novuzeit logo

DarkWare/NOVUZEIT developer Jack Dark has released source files of his SynthEdit plug-ins.

Jack writes:

As a parting gift to the SynthEdit scene I have decided to release all of my DarkWare and NOVUZEIT .SE1 source files for free.

Jack decided to cease VST production a while ago.

You can download the archives in one single .ZIP file from Rapidshare.


MVX Synths releases XtrudR beta

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MVX Synths XtrudR

MVX Synths has released a beta of XtrudR, a complex experimental synth created with SynthEdit.

XtrudR features

  • Morph oscillators (AM+FM+Sync)
  • Filter matrix presets
  • Selectable envelope decay speed

Check the MVX Synths site for a brief demo made with Reaper to hear how Xtruder sounds. Some presets/patches are available as well.

Visit MVX Synths for more information and a link to download the latest version of XtrudR.


K.M. Krebs QM-Synth

K.M. Krebs QM-Synth

QM-Synth by K.M. Krebs is a synth implementing Quantized Modulator (QM) synthesis.

Zed @ Synth Of Mine explains Quantized Modulator synthesis:

You take a simple wave (sin wave at the picture) with a frequency X (i.e. 1 / T), quantize by a frequency Y(1 / t) and use the result as FM modulator. It’s easy to see how it’s simple and *almost FM synthesis*. But the quantization makes an enormous and extraordinary difference between QM and FM synthesis.

QM-Synth, K.M. Krebs’ SynthEdit implementation of QM synthesis, can be downloaded here (

If you own Reaktor you will want to check out Zed’s Quantum Radio v1.0 (near the bottom of the page).