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Roger Linn Design LinnStrument

Roger Linn has posted his research project LinnStrument, a new musical instrument prototype.

If you’ve read my (Roger’s) New Musical Instruments page, you know that I’m interested in the idea of new musical instruments that overcome the limitations of traditional mechanical instruments. My particular interest is in a new instrument that while capable of entirely new sounds and playing techniques, is also able to reproduce the sounds, virtuosic performance capabilities and subtleties that we’ve come to know and love from traditional musical instruments, but without all their problems and limitations.

I’ve come up with a prototype of an instrument design that I like. Here’s a brief video of what I’ve got so far:

The low cost multi-touch, pressure-sensitive, high-resolution input surface used in this prototype comes from TouchCo, which was bought by Amazon in January 2010 in order to add touchscreen technology to Kindle.

Roger writes:

Alas, until someone else comes up with a similar touch technology or Amazon decides to make the TouchCo technology available, development of our product will be limited to refining our Max/MSP patch. One promising new technology we’ve evaluated is a touchscreen from Stantum (same company as JazzMutant, makers of the Lemur) that senses surface area of your fingers, which is not a bad alternative to sensing pressure because your finger surface area increases as you increase pressure. However, I found that their current resolution wasn’t high enough for what I’m trying to do, plus true pressure sensing is better for musical control.

More information: LinnStrument


eaReckon releases BloXpander

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eaReckon BloXpander

eaReckon has released BloXpander, a music application originally designed to meet the requirements of musicians and engineers in “live” situations.

BloXpander combines the power of a computer and the efficiency of a dedicated device.

Its interface has been designed to match this basic specification. It is visually attractive and clear, the construction of projects and the access to prepared instruments and effects is very fast. The plugins manipulation is direct (especially when BloXpander is coupled to an external MIDI controller).

BloXpander features

  • ASIO Host for VST plugins (Windows only)
    • 24 channels
    • 4 Auxiliary bus + 1 Master bus
    • 6 inserts per channels (theoretical 174 Instrumetns / FX slots)
  • Advanced support for external MIDI controllers (lets you control the mixer and plugins)
    • Control up to 8 plugins (8 parameters each) with just 8 potentiometers + 8 buttons
    • Displays the controlled targets names on screen
    • Lightning fast configuration procedure
    • Mackie Control protocol supported
  • Advanced routing
    • Global management of MIDI and Audio streams (MIDI VST Fx supported)
    • Assign the same MIDI input port to several channels (MIDI Split)
    • Assign the same Audio inputs to several channels (Audio Split)
    • Assign any available audio and/or MIDI output or the Master bus to any channel
    • Pre/Post fader selector (aux sends)
    • Specific routing solutions for “multi out” and “sidechain capable” plugins
    • Audio inputs monitoring
    • Outputs Solo and Mute functions
    • Inserts Bypass function
  • Full screen friendly and fast interface
    • Designed as the panel of a hardware unit
    • Touchscreen friendly (for critical functionalities)
    • No main menu and no massive amount of overlapping windows
    • Auto-created visual representation of your plugins (GUI screenshots)
    • “Drag ‘n Drop” your plugins and their states from insert to insert (copy / move)
    • Supports multi-screens
    • Netbook friendly
  • “Libraries” system
    • Store and callback a plugin and its state from one double-click on a large zone
    • Custom management of your favorite plugins and presets
  • “Sets” and ”scenes”
    • Store and callback the complete state of BloXpander (“Scene”) from one double-click
    • Organize your scenes as “sets” (easy and fast access to what you need during a show)
  • Categorized Plugins library (“The Case”)
  • Optimized and secured operations
    • Analyze your plugins compatibility from a stand-alone tool (limits the eventuality of the main application malfunctioning)
    • Fast launching
  • And more…
    • Tempo adjustment (« Tap tempo » feature)
    • MIDI panic
    • Plugins transparency
    • “Shell” plugins compliance

BloXpander is available to purchase for Windows PC, priced at 69 EUR.

More information: eaReckon / BloXpander


9 Soundware releases Helix

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9 Soundware Helix

9 Soundware has announced the release of Helix, a collection of presets for the ES2 synthesizer within Apple Logic Pro.

The sound set explores the extraordinary instrument capable of shaping a vast array of timbres with extensive control options. From harmonic tones and drums to atonal sounds with extreme settings, these 150 patches were designed for use in a wide range of applications.

Helix features

  • soundset of 150 .pst files, consisting of 4 main categories. “Bass”, “Lead”, the two subcategories of “Miscellaneous” (“Harmonic” and “Inharmonic”), and “Pad” each contain 30 sounds.
  • Examples include chaotic leads (e.g., Conficker.pst, My Crow Soft.pst, and Teraflop.pst), 5th-harmonized basses (e.g., Lowrider.pst, Ripe Fruit.pst, and Shark.pst) and leads (e.g., Touchscreen.pst and Wardriving.pst), sequence-like textures (e.g., Low Battery.pst and Timepiece.pst), dissonant backdrops (e.g., Abyss.pst and Hex.pst), noise instruments (e.g., Fire Blueprint.pst), and impacts (e.g., Crash.pst, Scud.pst, and Slug.pst).

Helix is available to purchase for $29.99 USD.

More information: 9 Soundware


Bremmers Audio Design releases MultitrackStudio 6

Bremmers Audio Design MultitrackStudio 6

Bremmers Audio Design has announced the release of MultitrackStudio 6, an audio/MIDI multitrack recording software for Windows.

It combines a multitrack recorder, a mixer, lots of effects and a MIDI sequencer in one package: everything that’s needed to turn your computer into a digital multitrack music recording studio.

New in MultitrackStudio 6

  • Touchscreen Support — MultitrackStudio 6 features a touchscreen mode which makes the program easy to use with touchscreens. Touchscreen support has been designed to turn the computer in a recording and mixing device, while allowing some editing as well. Multi-touch is supported in Windows 7.
  • Onscreen MIDI Keyboard — The onscreen keyboard can be used to play MIDI instruments, it works just like a MIDI In Device. Not only does it offer a keyboard layout, but a drum layout and various string layouts as well.
  • Manual audio input channel assignment — The AsioSnd and VistaSound driversets now optionally let you assign inputs to tracks manually.
  • Automation / MIDI Controller editor improvements
    • Automation editors can now add 4 dots in one go, to quickly attenuate or amplify a part. Similarly, MIDI controller editors can add 2 dots.
    • The editors show the value of the dot under the mouse pointer.
    • Automation editors now show the actual parameter values rather than 0..100. Most VST plugins still show 0..100. (Pro Plus edition only).
    • If a single dot is selected the Edit button lets you type a new value.
    • If multiple dots are selected the Edit button lets you ‘amplify’ them, changing the vertical distance between the dots. This can be useful for automated Pan knobs, or MIDI pitch controllers.
  • Half-speed recording — VariSpeed (Pro Plus edition only) now not only can be set to -200..+200 cents, but to -1400..-1000 cents as well. At -1200 cents the transport runs at half speed. Audio tracks and software instruments sound one octave lower at half speed, External MIDI Instruments do not.
  • Other
    • VistaSound driverset can optionally work in “pull mode”. This works better when CPU usage is high. Not all drivers will support this correctly.
    • Guitar Amp effect is more CPU efficient when used “live”, to make it more usable on slower machines. Less oversampling is used. (Pro Plus edition only)
    • Notation Settings window has 8va/Normal/8va bassa switch.
    • All text fields support Unicode, so all international characters can be used in track names etc. Song files are still compatible with older versions.
    • Track faders and controller/automation editors are larger at high DPI settings (these were the only things not scaling yet).
    • Editors support Ctrl key + mouse wheel to zoom in/out. The left hand part of pianoroll and audio editors zooms vertically.
    • Tooltips appear while dragging mixer sections to make it more clear where the section will go.
    • Resizing track editors: screen is updated on-the-fly now
    • Other improvements and somes fixes.

MultitrackStudio 6 for Windows PC is available for purchase as a download for $69 USD (Professional) / $119 USD (Pro Plus). A CD version is available for +$20 USD.

MultitrackStudio 6 is available free of charge for users who purchased the program after September 1, 2008. Older versions can be upgraded for $23 USD (Professional) / $39 USD (Pro Plus).

More information: MultitrackStudio


TASCAM announces HS-P82


TASCAM has announced the HS-P82, a high-quality 8-track field recorder for music, television and film production.

Eight high-quality microphone preamps use standard XLR inputs to record up to 96kHz/24-bit audio with timecode. Dual Compact Flash slots provide recording with backup and no moving parts for rugged reliability. A stereo mix can be recorded in addition to the eight individual channels, for a total of 10-channel capture. The recorder is housed in an aluminum chassis with a TFT color touchscreen.

HS-P82 features

  • Recording Features:
    • Dual Compact Flash recording media supports backup, mirroring and seamless A/B recording (Seamless Record, Mirroring & Cascade modes coming in version 1.10)
    • Long battery life through low power usage
    • Easy to read and operate using pivoting TFT Color Touch Panel interface
    • All-aluminum chassis is rugged yet lightweight
    • 8 -track recording plus stereo mix for a total of 10-track recording
    • 8-track recording at up to 96kHz/24-bit
    • 4-track recording at 192kHz/24-bit
    • Broadcast WAV (BWF) support with iXML metadata
    • Various power options include AA batteries (x10), NP type, AC adaptor, external DC input and optional V-mount adaptor for ENDURA batteries
    • Up to 5-second prerecord buffer
    • Internal microphone for slate recording
    • Limiter and low cut filter per track
    • Auto or manual cue points
    • Alert signal to headphone output
    • Retake function
    • Panel lockout function to prevent accidental transport switching
  • Inputs/Outputs:
    • 8 high-quality microphone preamps and A/D converters with independent +48V phantom power for each (standard XLR connectors)
    • 8 AES/EBU inputs and outputs (DB-25 connector)
    • Sampling rate converter on each AES/EBU input
    • 2 balanced analog outputs (XLR connector)
    • Stereo digital output (BNC connector)
    • SMPTE Timecode In and Out (BNC connector)
    • Video/Word Clock/Cascade* I/O (BNC connector)
    • Headphone out (1/4″ stereo jack)
    • PS/2 keyboard input for track naming
    • USB 2.0 high-speed data transfer to PC

TASCAM’s new HS-P82 will be available from pro audio resellers in December 2009 with an estimated street price of $4,999 USD.

More information: TASCAM / HS-P82


Short links for April 22nd, 2009


Some interesting things I found recently:

# One Person Band

Vivace is a nice looking multitouch portable music studio concept, designed by Young-Shin Lee & Hae-Jin Jung.

A Music aficionados rejoice. The idea of having only 1 device that combines multiple instruments, track recording, equalizer, sound editing, internet connectivity, and a touchscreen interface all into one compact package is drool worthy. The Vivace makes it all possible. Information is scarce on how the interface works but I have no doubt up-and-coming artists like FrankMusik and Bjork could do a lot with such a device.

# FabFilter Twin 2 preset contest

FabFilter’s quest for vintage-sounding Rhodes piano presets is over and the winner has been announced.

The FabFilter Twin 2 Rhodes Preset Contest is closed. Of course, all of you did great, and it was extremely hard to pick a winner… but in the end, only one can be the best. And that is: Thomas Koot!

Thomas has put a lot of effort in modelling a Fender Rhodes Mark I. His preset really has the characteristic raw low-end, a great attack and release feel, a nice subtle bell sound, and a superb velocity response.

You can download some of the entries, including the patches by Thomas, on this page.

# Khene Creative Commons Sample Pack – Sebastian Tomczak of little-scale posts another free sample pack.


Inspired Acoustics releases PAB Professional Edition

Inspired Acoustics

Inspired Acoustics has released Palace of Arts Budapest (PAB) Pipe Organ Samples Professional Edition, a fully playable, freely configurable, intuitively manageable and MIDI-controllable virtual pipe organ, delivering the authentic sound of the 92-stop Pécsi-Mühleisen pipe organ of the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall of the Palace of Arts, Budapest, Hungary, to your computer.

Designed for operation within Hauptwerk™ Software, on both PC and Macintosh computers, Palace of Arts Budapest Pipe Organ Samples sets a new standard in virtual pipe organs used by leading organists, professional musicians, professors and tutors, educational, worship and culture institutions, recording professionals and enthusiasts.

Despite its immense size and capabilities, it is a pipe organ you can play and take with you wherever you go, offering unprecedented flexibility and sound quality never heard before in a virtual instrument.

Stage console of the Pécsi-Mühleisen organ
Stage console of the Pécsi-Mühleisen organ

PAB Professional Edition features

  • The organ
    • the 2006 Pécsi-Mühleisen pipe organ of the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall, Palace of Arts – Budapest, Hungary; entirely virtualized
    • 92 stops, 5 manuals (with 61 keys) and pedal (with 32 keys)
    • 2 sweller pedals, 2 tremulants (tremolos), 61-stage programmable crescendo with different independent program slots
    • 2 consoles (electrical Stage and mechanical Upper)
    • Equal tuning at concert pitch (a=442 Hz)
    • a symphonic organ to perform any piece of the entire pipe organ and symphonic literature without any compromise
  • The recording
    • High Definition Sampling (HDS) — all stops were sampled chromatically at 192 kHz / 24-bit
    • Advanced Pipe Organ Measurements (APM)
    • Synchronized Sampling Technology (SST)
  • The sample set
    • 48 kHz / 24-bit format, 2-channel stereo samples
    • Natural sound image — the samples contain all spatial information as they are heard
    • 12-second notes sampled, multiple loops per sample
    • 2 independent swellboxes
    • 2 tremulants
    • Optional organ engine sounds and noises
    • ‘Semi-dry’ sample set with multiple release samples for providing natural concert hall reverberation and tracker action sound
    • Programmable crescendo wheel with enable/disable option
    • Ability to disable reeds, mixtures or couplers from all Crescendo wheel programs
    • Touchscreen-optimized for 4:3 displays of 1280×1024 native resolution
  • The User Manual
    • contains a detailed guide to pipe organs, its mechanism and sound
    • provides you insight to the 2006 Pécsi-Mühleisen pipe organ
    • guides you to the Palace of Arts – Budapest and the Béla Bartók National Concert Hall
    • gives explanations of all stops of the organ
    • provides information on more than 80 different historical tunings
    • contains a Guide to Room Acoustics focusing on pipe organs written exclusively for PAB Pipe Organ Samples
    • and more
  • Shipping
    • PAB ships on Inspired Acoustics USB thumb drives (pen drives) for a faster and convenient installation

PAB Pipe Organ Samples is published in five different editions: the Small, Essential and Medium Edition, featuring a selection of stops and features, the Professional Edition with all stops, and the exclusive Extended Edition with unique features yet to be unveiled. The Professional Edition is available now, all other editions will be released in 2009. Professional Edition users have the benefit of optional upgrade to the limited-number Extended Edition.

Check the shop for details on pricing. A group buy is currently active for the Professional Edition.

Visit Inspired Acoustics for more information and audio demos.