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Semerika Plug-Ins updated Auto-Filter to v2.0

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Semerika Auto-Filter v2

Semerika Plug-Ins has released version 2 of Auto-Filter, a filter VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

Auto-Filter v2 is a kind of Wah-Effect with a multi-filter. It comes with no predefined presets. It was designed with a hint to be very simple and intuitive for you to be able to find quickly your own special setting!

Changes in Auto-Filter v2

  • Overall improvement in sound quality and balance.
  • Active button now has its own fade-mechanism to prevent clicks and abrupt changes.
  • Choice of fliter slope: 12db/oct (x2) and 24db/oct (x4).
  • Min Theshold for filter cutoff frequency.

Auto-Filter v2 is available for purchase for $12 USD. A trial version is available for download.

Visit Semerika Plug-Ins for more information.


VGP-Audio releases Auto-Filter v1.3

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VGP-Audio Auto-Filter v1.3

VGP-Audio has released version 1.3 of Auto-Filter, a donationware VST plug-in effect for Windows PC.

Auto-Filter will perform typical Wah effect on drums, synths or any pecussive sound you like to feed in. Basically, it’s designed to combine the analogue-style effect and an deadly easy-to-use graphical user interface together.

New in v1.3

  • Multi-Mode Filter
  • Adjustable Resonance

Visit VGP-Audio for more information and a link to download Auto-Filter v1.3.

Update: The VGP-Audio website seems to be permanently down. You can download Auto-Filter v1.3 here.


Alex Loscos & Thomas Aussenac WahWactor VST

Alex Loscos & Thomas Aussenac WahWactor VST

In 2005 Alex Loscos & Thomas Aussenac, created WahWactor, a VST plugin that lets you control a wah-wah filter through a voice signal.

From the abstract:

Using a wah-wah pedal guitar is something guitar players have to learn. Recently, more intuitive ways to control such effect have been proposed. In this direction, the Wahwactor system controls a wah-wah transformation in real-time using the guitar player’s voice, more precisely, using the performer [wa-wa] utterances. To come up with this system, different vocal features derived from spectral analysis have been studied as candidates for being used as control parameters.

Check this poster for a nice overlook of how WahWactor works.

Visit the WahWactor page for more information and a link to download Wahwactor VST plug-in v0.2.