TDA releases TDAi XQ Crusher

TDA TDAi XQ Crusher VSTi

Tention Digital Audio has released TDAi XQ Crusher, a freeware VST plug-in made with SynthMaker.


  • 1 Oscillator with 5 Waveforms
  • Vibrato (0.1-100Hz)
  • Phase-Modulation with 3 Shapes and 3 Directions
  • Frequency-Modulation
  • ADSR Envelope (VCA)
  • ADSR Envelope (VCF)
  • Multipass Filter
  • Chorus
  • 8-Band EQ
  • Master-Section with Clipping
  • Support for 32 presets each bank

Note: TDA plug-ins need a CPU that supports SSE/SSE2.

Visit TDA for more information and a link to download TDAi XQ Crusher.

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  • A new version is out with 32 presets (Pads, Leads & FX)
    Also, TDA VST(i) are donationware instead of freeware (you are free to donate if you like the software).

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