Where do you go to find free fonts? Hongkiat.com lists 21 sites that offer huge amounts of free fonts.

From the article:

As a designer, I’m always out there looking for more cool free fonts to expand my killer font collections. The influences of fonts are simply amazing, different font can totally change the attitude of a piece of design. Choosing the right font is very important but it not easy. We need more choices, so here are 21 most important free fonts sites I’ve come to know. If you have more recommendations, feel free to share.

Some free fonts

The list includes quite a few I didn’t know about. FontFace and Abstract Fonts look interesting, will have to check them out!

Most sites offer previews and sort fonts neatly into categories to make it easy to find the specific fonts you’re looking for. A number of sites also have most popular/downloaded fonts, latest added or font ratings.

Anyone have some good additions?