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2CAudio launches Holiday Promotion + 2 new products announced


2CAudio has announced the launch of a limited time holiday promotion for its products.

First, we are reactivating our Special End-Of-The-Year Holiday Promotional Pricing for all of our award-winning 2CAudio products including: Aether, Breeze, and The Perfect Storm. The base pricing for various products is shown below. However, this year we are doing something even more special to thank you all for your continued support:

In additional to the already discounted prices we are awarding you 20% of you total purchase price as a type of store credit we call Reward Points. This applies to all orders placed until the end of the year, for anything and everything in the store!

2CAudio Holiday Promotion

2CAudio Holiday Promo

  • Breeze Promo: $99.95 – Save $50 now, get $20 in Reward Points.
  • Aether Promo: $199.95 – Save $50 now, get $40 in Reward Points.
  • The Perfect Storm Promo: $299.95 – Save $50 now, get $40 in Reward Points.
  • Aether-to-Breeze Crossgrade Promo: $74.95 – Save $75 now, get $15 in Reward Points. Coupon code: Aether_Breeze_Crossgrade
  • Breeze-to-Aether Crossgrade Promo: $124.95 – Save $125 now, get $25 in Reward Points. Coupon code: Breeze_Aether_Crossgrade

2CAudio has also announced two new products, soon to be released.

The first is an evolutionary adaption of some of our existing technologies that we hope will blow you all away again. The second is, at the risk of sounding immodest, nothing short of revolutionary. We believe both will strongly appeal to the vast majority of you. More news will follow shortly on these topics. We may start some dialogs on these topics in the usual online forums in the next few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye out.

The holiday promotion is available until December 31st, 2011.

More information: 2CAudio

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