3 Ring Circuits Echolux

3 Ring Circuits has released Lezlux, Echolux, and two freeware plug-ins for Mac OS X.

Lezlux is a revolving speaker emulator, modeled after the sound found in the old organs of the 60’s.

Lezlux features

  • Gain – wet and dry gain.
  • Doppler feedback – amount of feedback utilized to achieve further details that result from the “cabinet” surfaces and environment surrounding the “cabinet”.
  • Doppler amount – amount of “Swirl” effect added to the signal.
  • Spin rate – number of revolutions of the spinning speaker per second.

Echolux is a tape delay emulator, designed to recreate all the nuances of tape delays of the past.

Giving it the warm and ethereal sound found in vintage units that standard delays of today just can’t reproduce. A unique proprietary method for achieving this was designed into this plugin.

Echolux features

  • Gain – includes a dry on and off button for use in an aux channel or parallel track to “add” effect.
  • Feedback – amount fed back into the “virtual” head unit and re-effected.
  • Flux – adjusts the variances of the tape anomalies like wow and flutter, and frequency response as well as slight tape noise.
  • Delay time – can be used to speed up or slow down the delayed sound.

Lezlux and Echolux are available for Mac and cost $40 USD each. Also available are two freeware plug-ins: Auto-Pan (Pan handler) and Tremelo.

Visit 3 Ring Circuits for more information and audio demos.