rs-met Straigthliner

rs-met has released version 0.7 of Straightliner, a subtractive synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in Straightliner v0.7

  • Sustain now works correctly.
  • Info-field at the bottom replaces popup help.
  • Detuning in Hz per oscillator.
  • More filter types implemented.
  • Some efficiency optimizations in the DSP and GUI code.
  • Support of microtuning (this implementation is preliminary as it supports only a proprietary XML based tuning file format, .tun support is scheduled for the final version).
  • More presets, more waveforms (which are now released under the terms of the creative commons license).
  • XML patch format changed.

Note: the change in the patch format will break preset compatibility to earlier versions. To make the preset (or a state recalled by the host) sound as before, you will need to manually adjust the MakeUp-Gain parameter – otherwise, the old preset will usually sound weaker/thinner than before.

This beta version has demo restrictions: after 20 minutes of use, the output is muted & total recall (state saving/restoring) by the host is disabled (the internal preset management is fully functional).

Visit rs-met for more information.