Loopmasters has released Three Zero Three, a sample pack featuring a collection of bassline samples from the Roland TB-303 synthesizer and a variety of related instruments like the x0xb0x and MAM FreeBass 383.

The pack includes over 1.2 GB of royalty free acid loops, hits and detailed multi-sampled instruments for NN-XT, HALion, Kontakt, sfz and EXS24.

Loopmasters Three Zero Three

The pivotal sound in generations of tracks, the unintended genius of the 303 was exactly that – a machine built to accompany musicians with a solid, electronic programmable bassline. Fast-forward 10 years and every House track across the globe had the `acid’ sound – undulating and warping, with a liquid, metamorphic sound like no other. The TB-303 built a devoted following – so much so, a number of clones and emulations were produced. We extracted dangerous amounts of acid from the following analogue machines: Stock TB303, Borg Modified TB303, Standard x0xb0x, Subatomic Modified x0xb0x, Freebass 383, MAM MB33 Mk 2 right up to the modern 303 doppelganger the TT 303!

With over 550 Loops, sampled direct from the machines themselves –you have a collection of iconic Leads, Hooks and Basslines key labelled for instant melodic cohesion! We have provided clean versions of Loops – giving you the flexibility to process the sounds yourself, but we have also added effected versions of our favourites, which can be dropped straight into your production but also to demonstrate how favourably that classic acid sound takes to being mangled and morphed! Many of the Loops feature a number of variations, including filter sweeps, chops, risers and good old-fashioned knob twiddling. Each FX Loop has been crafted in-house, sampling through an Akai MPC60, with lush EQs from a vintage Midas Mixing Desk, and processing through subtle delays, distortions and sidechains.

The multi-sampled instruments have been painstakingly recorded, edited and patched for instant playability and spark in your daw. Each multi-sampled instrument has every note sampled from the low depths of 30Hz to the sonic highs, with each instrument set at different envelope, filter modulation settings. 8 TB303 Instruments are amongst them, which can subsequently be played polyphonically for the first time!

You’ll find the perfect acid sound for your tracks with over 200 One Hit samples – featuring Octave Slides, Individual Synth Hits, Note Bends and some chunky Percussion. Each of these samples has been crafted into sampler patches for your favourite daw – ready to play across your keyboard out of the box!

The sample pack is available for purchase for £29.95 GBP, with parts also sold separately.

More information: Loopmasters / Three Zero Three