VST Buzz has launched a sale on Voices of Ragas Vol 1, offering a 40% discount on the sample library by Crypto Cipher.

Voices of Ragas Vol 1 is a library of traditional Indian ragas, with over 1Gb of vocal samples recorded to the highest standard. The ragas are performed by Alish Mihan, a trained vocalist under the great Banaras Gharana, and have a beautifully distinctive and authentic tone to them. Whether you’re writing traditional Indian music, world fusion electronica or a chilling underscore, this vocal library will undoubtably add a unique element to your productions.

In true traditional style, the samples cover all the defined sections of a typical raga. These range from the non-lyrical, improvised “Alaaps” to the virtuosic “Taans”. Furthermore, there are 3 different vocal styles used, the innocence of raga voice, young voice of raga and young voice of raga Aalaps. With over 25 classic ragas covered, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect vocal performance for your compositions.

Voices of Ragas Vol. 1 features

  • Contains over 1Gb of top quality vocal recordings.
  • Includes non-lyrical “Aalaps” / “Aahs!”, vocal phrases and virtuosic Taans.
  • Performed by the beautifully unique sounding Alish Mohan, trained under the great Banaras Gharana.
  • Vocal styles separated into 3 patches (innocence of raga voice, young voice of raga and young voice of raga Aalaps).
  • Intuitive keyswitches for selecting different ragas and vocal styles.
  • Tempo synced phrases and pitch wheel speed control.
  • Retrigger or continuous playback modes.
  • In-built EQ, compressor, delay, reverb and chorus.
  • Adjustable attack, release and sample start point.
  • Unlocked 24-bit wav files.

The sample library is available from VST Buzz until November 25th, 2014.

More information: VST Buzz