Loopmasters has introduced 5Pin Media’s latest sample pack Afro-Indian Percussion House Edition, a collection of 77 kits with a total of over 1,400 loops performed by the legendary KV Balakrishnan (AKA KV Balu) to a variety of backing beats.

The pack features instruments such as the djembe, udu, kanjira, tabla, water vessel, darbuka, dukki tarang, ghata singari, dholak, mridangam, morsing, shekere, cabasa, tambourine, various shakers, and salangai, as well as vocal percussion.

Afro-Indian Percussion is an essential tool for discerning house producers seeking to expand their sonic palette or for any genre in need of some percussive magic. Balu’s mastery at creating complex rhythmic layers combined with drum tone modulation is second to none and is just one of the many outstanding features of this collection.

Special mention needs to be made of the recording technique used in the creation of the kits. Various parts were captured by recording a given instrument in mono over two takes and then assembling the takes as L-R to form a stereo version. This is a technique used for creating a wide cinematic soundstage and is very effective in certain applications. For traditional spatial arranging using panning, all of the percussion parts other than the ensembles are of course also presented as mono.

The sample pack is priced £24.95 GBP at the Loopmasters store.