Samples From Mars has released 626 From Mars, a sample pack featuring the sounds of the 8-bit brother of the 707 and 727 drum machine instruments from Roland.

The 626 pack includes over 900 individual 24 bit samples, featuring a collection of 16 hit kits, perfect for instant jamming. It comes with clean kits, color kits, percussion, hats & shakers, and cymbals.

The 626 is a classic, 80s drum machine that’s some sort of cross between a 505, 707 and 727, while adding additional sounds these other units don’t feature.

It’s based around acoustic samples, and features 80s gated reverb snares, iconic congas, dry bass drums, crunchy cabasas, agogos, timbales, a cool assortment of cymbals and more. In fact, with 30 voices, the 626 packs in a greater variety of sounds than any other TR series drum machine.

626 From Mars features

  • 900+ 24bit WAV 626 Samples.
  • 8 pre-made 16x hit kits for instant jamming.
  • Lesser known 80s drum machine hits you won’t find on any other TR.
  • Gated snares, dead bassdrums, dry rims, classic congas, toms, gritty shakers, timbales, hi hats, agogos, cowbells, china ride and crash cymbals.
  • All original 626 samples captured cleanly, with additional color versions.
  • Sampled at all possible 15 tunings per voice.
  • Ableton includes (1) master drum rack containing all samples, and (8) pre-made kits racks.
  • Kontakt, Logic, Reason & Structure include: (42) individual hit instruments, and (8) kits instruments.
  • Maschine & Battery include: 8 pre-made kits.
  • MPC1000 & MPC2500 include: 8 pre-made kits on 2 MPC Programs.
  • 136.8 MB Unzipped.

626 From Mars is available for $29 USD.

More information: Samples From Mars / 626 From Mars