8Dio Productions has announced the launch of its 25 Days of Christmas promotion.

Well, hello again fellow sample connoisseur and welcome to 8Dio’s annual 25 Days of Christmas tradition.

As you may know we like to give and we are happy to announce that our Wrenchenspiel ($79) library will be added for FREE to ANY 8Dio purchase over $100 made between December 2-31st 2014.

As part of this promotion, 8Dio will be releasing the Misfit Collection, a new series of instrument libraries.

Welcome to Misfit – an unusual collection of 15 deep-sampled instruments – following the musical tradition of flicks like Breaking Bad, Dexter, There Will Be Blood, The Master or them fine video games like Left4Dead etc.

However … The premise is Misfit is strangely different from traditional sample products. First of all we made damn sure the performer had never touched any of the instruments before and secondly there was an ill-advised amount of alcohol consumption during the sessions. Yet we actually deep-sampled and many of the instruments contain true gelato!

The end-result is an unconventional collection of oddly deep-sampled instruments. We hope you will join us on this journey … oh and yes … everything in this trailer was played with Misfit.

The Misfit Collection will be released over the next two weeks. A new product every day!

More information: 8Dio