8Dio Misfit Toy Piano

8Dio Productions has released Misfit Toy Piano, a deep-sampled vintage Toy Piano for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Welcome to Misfit – an unusual collection of 15 deep-sampled instruments – following the musical tradition of flicks like Breaking Bad, Dexter, There Will Be Blood, The Master or them fine video games like Left4Dead etc.

Stripping the best equipment, the state of the art studios, the best and most expensive instruments, the best musicians, only the soul is left, and that is exactly what we wanted to explore – A human, urban and unique product.

The Misfit Toy Piano is a delightful (+2.500 sample) accurate representation of the real deal. We recorded a Vintage Toy Piano and did a wealth of both velocity layers and repetitions (round robin) to get it right. In fact we played each velocity layers 5 times (rr), so you can write your next opus on it without getting the dreaded machine gun effect. It just works!

The toy piano, also known as the (child’s keyboard), is a small piano-like music instrument. Most modern toy pianos use round metal rods to produce sound.. The US Library on Congress recognizes the toy piano as a unique instrument with the subject designation, Toy Piano Scores: M175 T69. The most famous example of a dedicated composition for the instrument is the “Suite for Toy Piano” (1948) by John Cage.

Misfit Toy Piano is available for purchase for $18 USD. It is also available as part of the Misfit Bundle for $213 USD (includes 11 libraries).

More information: 8Dio Productions / Misfit Toy Piano