99Sounds has launched Antigen, a sample pack featuring a collection of drones, noises, soundscapes, and sound effects by Dronny Darko.

99Sounds Antigen

Antigen takes us on a journey well beyond the humanity’s habitable zone. The sound palette is entirely foreign and invites your imagination to render its own patterns of situations that may be happening in these outlandish-sounding audio clips. The author only gives us a few hints within the titles. The rest is given to us to explore while diving deep into the unknown and unsettling sound design territories.

When we asked Dronny about the sound design techniques he used while working on Antigen, he told us that the library was created mostly using granular and spectral synthesis. Simple effects like resonators, reverb, EQ, and delay were also an important part of the creative process. The author describes himself as a “heavy minimalism lover,” who is “heavily influenced by music, photography, architecture, and everything that has proper taste and quality.”

You may know Dronny Darko as the author of the excellent audio demo for the recently released Drones sound library by Red Fog. As a matter of fact, these two releases share a lot in common, so chances are that you’ll enjoy exploring Antigen if you happened to like Red Fog’s excellent Drones.

The fre 1.11 GB download includes 50 soundscapes in high-quality 24-bit WAV format.

More information: 99Sounds / Antigen